Flying in SUSHM Air Park in Turkey 2019

The week end of the 15th/16th March 2019 once again saw me in the SUSH Air Park in Turkey flying the Harvard “Happy Hour” This Harvard is a mint ex SAAF warbird that has a new looking interior with a full GPS fit and working HSI and VOR etc   Its like flying a new, tight aircraft straight out of the factory! I enjoy the freedom of the sky Turkey has to offer, to practice display routines for the 2019 airshow season. The Air Park is situated away from noise complainers and controlled airspace so a pilot can really feel the freedom to experiment. You have to be a little careful though as the airfield is around 2700 feet above sea level. This was fine in 8*C however I’m looking forward to flying there again in the summer when the Density Altitude will be around the 6000 feet mark!

Diana makes another trip in the Harvard

Diana experiences the Harvard roll rate and G force for the first time

Abingdon Airshow May 2018

This was my 3rd airshow in the UK and a flat display, that is to say no aerobatics just a fly past routine making lots of noise with a wing over at the turn points. I should be displaying at Abingdon again in 2019 with another fly past routine however this time in the NA 64 YALE.

Grange over Sands 2018

Sometimes its just nice to take in the coastline of the UK and just enjoy the scenery at around 120 mph. This was a flight from Eshott airfield that took me over the pennines and west to Park airfield. The views are wonderful with the lakes around the area and the sand flats of the area around Grange over Sands etc .

 Mike Day has a great day on the 15th December 2017 in the Wacky Wabbit!

 Another Santa movie made for Insta Gram 2017 – Merry Christmas everyone! (Pilot – Santa Claus)

Curved approach to land

 Cross wind landing – 15 gusting 25 knot cross wind

I really love this head gear set up. Its the original B type flying helmet with the D type mask as used in the Battle of Britain and recently seen in the latest film ‘Dunkirk’ The goggles are original 1930s RAF MK II goggles as used by pilots in the Battle of Britain… Extreamly comfortable set up and definitely my preference for the flying season 2018 – !

Plane Resurection – AT-6D Harvard

 Christmas 2017 – Santa pimps his ride for a T6 Harvard (Andy Goodall)

Call of Duty – Code Strike

Little Grandson August 2017 Pilot Andy G – Video by ROB HAYTON W2W Productions

Aerobatics from 500 feet base in G-BUKY Harvard 4

The pilot on this occasion was Neil Oakman demonstrating a smooth, accurate display in G-BUKY a Harvard 4. Loops and cubans were initiated from 500 feet agl which is quite low in a piece of heavy iron with a low powered engine such as the R1340 600 HP radial…. All moves here are expertly executed and demonstrates the agility of the Harvard in the right hands.

How a Radial Engine Works – Part -1

How a Radial Engine Works – Part – 2


This is my 10th Logged practice display at Duxford. The Aim: Aim is to display the aircraft and show at least the 5 main angles which are top side, bottom side, left side, right side and the full frontal. I feel that this is what the photographers want and gives everyone an opertunity to get some great pictures of the aircraft. When I fly I prefer to wear the original flying kit, so as you can see here I am wearing a standard 1944 set up which is the early pattern C Type helmet, The G type O2 mask and the MK VIII goggles… If you also notice I have the original spec 1940 parachute on…. Modern repro of course rigged to jump with a 26 foot modern round parachute.


Andy Goodall – During the display season I normally log at least 10 practice displays at Duxford. Each practice normally lasts around 8 minutes and consists of wing overs with a minima of 100 feet all as per my DA 2017.


Trialing the 1943 kit in a war bird – I have often wondered what it was like wearing the 41 pattern Mae West life jacket and the G mask, MK VIII goggles, C type flying helmet etc in the cockpit of a war bird. After about 15 minutes I was completely comfortable and it was no hinderance at all…. It would have been easy to fly in at the time and it was all state of the art survival equipment at the time. I did not have the parachute on however that is coming soon. I will try this all with the classic Irvin on, 36 pattern boots and other accessories in the very near future so watch this space and this channel for more historical flying!

G-BUKY and G-BJSTin her old RAF Silver Colour

This was a short movie I made when I had around 50 hours in the Harvard. It is a mix of aerobatics performed under the tuition of Brian Jones. A good day out and my first Air2Air photo shoot …. In fact as of September 2017 my only Air2Air photo shoot … 🙂


Eshott Airfield is located in Northumberland just North of Newcastle and only just inland from the sea. A perfect place to do aerobatics with unlimited airspace and the beach as a reference point. Her I am taking up a customer who has paid for a 20 minute Introductory flight. I am demonstrating a barrel roll and an aileron roll….


I made my debut airshow at Eshott in August 2017 flying G-BJST “The Wacky Wabbit” All went well and I displayed on the Saturday and the Sunday followed a week or so later by another airshow at Little Gransden.


August 2017 – The 550 meters of runway at Eshott is in beautiful condition however the 500 meters in the undershoot is a little overgrown and scabby! Not a problem for the mighty Harvard, 550 meters is perfect in any conditions at MAUW. Approach speed is always 90 mph with full flap and gear down giving a vertical descent rate of about 750 fpm with a dab of power on around 15 inches MP. I use this speed on the approach for wheelers and 3 point landings….


Just some footage of July and August 2017 – Various clips with some AC/DZ “Fire ya guns” for dramatic effect! Some Duxford display practice footage and some re-enactment footage.


As part of the education for the young and old its great to wear the original kit that was worn by fighter pilots all those years ago…. Its nice to trial it and fly in it to see how it was used and see how restrictive or not it was to fly and fight in the standard kit…. I get asked a lot about why do you wear an O2 mask when youre not on O2 – Back in the 30s 40s and 50s this was the only place to put a mic! Even the Dam Busters wore G masks and no O2 as they flew to bomb the Dams at below 200 feet…. However it was the only way to have mic comms as they didnt have David Clarks!


Taking up my daughter had to be the highlight of my 17 years in aviation. My daughter asked if she could go flying in the Wacky Wabbit and to my surprise, agreed to do a roll!


Taking up veteran aviator Nick Hill for his first Harvard flight for over 40 years. Nick was a former South African Air Force pilot instructor with over 4000 hours in the back seat of a Harvard! He flew many of the classic aircraft such as the Dakota DC-3 to name but a few aircraft. Taking up such an experienced aviator was a real privilege and thankfully the flight was smooth with a lovely landing…. Thanks Nick


Filmed by Themegaspotter at Duxford. I believe the gentleman was from Germany – Watch some amazing roll maneuvers, Wing over Left and other displays. Recorded at Duxford on a windy and rainy day in July 2017.
For an amazing in-cockpit-view please click here:…

Toms first flight in the T6

Taking Tom up for an intro flight… I think he got more than he bargained for when we started off with a double loop and a Derry turn! He wanted some aerobatics and he got just what he asked for and some lol ….. Well done Tom!

Arrival at Beverley airfield in the rain 19th August 2016

This was a fantastic week end at Beverly airfield. Between my self and Mike we did around 30 intro flights in very testing conditions. When I arrived with Donny Edwards riding in the back the weather was horrible! It was windy and drizzling with a cloud base of around 800 feet.. As we flew from Duxford we had to dodge the rain and zig zag airfield to airfield all the way North to the Humber estuary. When we got to the Humber the cloud base was getting lower so we had to divert to the East to miss the rain. Eventually we were back on track and direct in to Beverly and landed with a strong wind straight down the runway. For the next 2 days we had a 15 knot plus cross wind which made life a little more exciting!

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