T6 Harvard Ltd – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Edition (2) 08/02/2019


Terms of serviceย (also known as terms of use and terms and conditions, commonly abbreviated asย T&C) are the legal agreements between a service provider T6 Harvard Ltd and a person who wants to use that service.ย The person must agree to abide by the terms of service to use the offered service. You have agreed to the below T&C by booking with us and agree to abide by our T&C.


1) Using this website:

  1. These are the terms and conditions of use for the T6 Harvard Ltd website.ย These terms and conditions make a legally binding contract between you and us.
  2. Your acceptance of these terms and conditions is made using this website and is valid from your first use of this website. If you do not accept these terms and conditions or have any objection to any part of them, you should stop using this website immediately.
  3. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time without notification.
  4. Your continued use of this website will markย your acceptance of any changes to the terms and conditions.
  5. From time to time, we may display additional terms and conditions on this website, for example, in connection with a specific promotion or connection with the sale of goods or services.
  6. If the terms and conditions for using this website should conflict with such additional terms, then the other terms will prevail.
  7. At T6 Harvard Ltd, we strongly recommend reading the T&C written below before booking your flight and reading the FAQ page, which answers most of the “usual” questions. We want to ensure that all your expectations are met before you commit to purchasing a flight with us. If you have any questions, please email the team at [email protected].

2) Opening Hours:ย 

a) T6 Harvard Ltd operates from various airfields in the UK, including Peterborough Connington, Eshott Airfield, Fenland, Fowlmere, and Old Warden. Other airdromes will be added as time goes on. Our opening hours vary as we operate a booking system with allocated time slots agreed by T6 Harvard Ltd, which may be subject to last-minute changes.

3) Flight bookings made by the following means, rules apply:

a. Online booking: Online from one of our landing pages (Click) Easy and simple! All payments are administered through the banking system known as STRIPE PAY; any refunds to a customer who has paid via Stripe pay will have the 3% deducted from the total refund.
b. Direct bookings: May be made to [email protected]ย Organise with us and pay by BAC transfer directly to T6Harvard Ltd business bank account.ย 
c. Agent bookings: Maybe made withย Into The Blueย or Virgin Experience Days. The customer books directly with them and then contacts [email protected] or [email protected] to confirm a date and time for the flight.
d. Into The Blue (ITB): T6 Harvard Ltd has no financial dealings with Into The Blue until the flight has been booked and invoiced Into The Blue one month before the flight is due to take place. Up until that point, all refunds and administration regarding flights booked through In To The Blue remain with the company Into the blue. After this point, the customer is liable to follow the terms and conditions of T6 Harvard Ltd
e. Virgin Experience Days (VED):ย T6 Harvard Ltd has no financial dealings with VED until the flight has been booked and invoiced VED one month before the flight is due to take place. Allย refunds and administration regarding flights booked through VED remain with the company VED until that point. After this point, the customer is liable to follow the terms and conditions of T6 Harvard Ltd
f. Spitfire competitions:ย T6 Harvard Ltd has no financial dealings with Spitfire competitionsย until the flight has been booked and invoiced by Spitfire competitions for the winner before the flight is due to take place. Allย refunds and administration regarding flights booked through Spitfire competitions remain with the company Spitfire competitions until that point. After this point, the customer (winner) is liable to follow the terms and conditions of T6 Harvard Ltd
g. Payments to T6 Harvard Ltd:ย  May be taken via credit card on the day of an event via Zettle – This is a function of pay pal.ย Direct bookings paid by BAC Bank details are as follows –ย Lloyds Bankย Sort 30 90 99ย Ac 31654568ย BIC – LOYDGB21368ย IBAN – GB88 LOYD 3090 9931 6545 68

4) Experience and Introductory flights:ย 

a) Harvard Warbird flights will be from our preferred location at “Gamsdon airfield”, “Peterborough Conington”, “Fowlmere”, “Fenland”, and “Old Warden – Choose between any one of the below packages. Experience flights would be with an instructor and would be a flying lesson. The Introductory flight (see link for CAA definition) Would not be classed as a lesson but conducted to promote aerial sport or leisure aviation. Customers shall complete all introductory flights without the passenger control stick in place. T6 Harvard Ltd is anย organisation created to promote aerial sport or leisure aviation, to attract new trainees or new members.
b) Fighter missions are entirely dependent on the weather regarding the route flown and Air Traffic clearances; however, we try and stick to the plan where ever possible.

5) Bookingsย 

a) Experience flightย Location: The preferred location for the experience flights is Peterborough Conington airfield and Old Warden (as per 4a); however, other airfields may appear from time to time.ย Any Experience flight booked from the Old Warden will require the customer to purchase an airshow ticket to enter the airfield from the Old Warden Shuttleworth collection website. If any customer can not complete the flight on the day for any reason from Old Warden, we will transfer the flight to one of our Peterborough dates. The customer booking a flight on the Old Warden dates must purchase event tickets for the Old Warden events day from https://www.shuttleworth.org/events/ before arrival.

b) ย Length of flight: A 20 or 30-minute flight is taken when the aircraft has started and moves to taxi. This includes the flight time and the final taxi until the aeroplane stops, known as “block time” or “Chock to Chock” We usually allow a 3-5 minute taxi at either end of the flight giving you a minimum of 10 minutes of air time on a 20-minute flight; however, we aim to provide you with longer. The T6 Harvard is a thirsty girl and may burn 120 litres of fuel in the air and consume a lot of gas while on the ground. So we suggest, for example, if you want 20 minutes in the air book a 30 min flight to be sure. (This will give you approximately 20 minutes of airtime)

c) Experience flight costs:ย All flights have set prices for the 20 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, and 2-hour packages which are displayed on the website and the online booking hound.

d) Experience flight deals:ย Occasionally, we do promotions for special events such as Black Friday, Fathers Day, or Christmas deals. These flights are normally at a reduced price of ยฃ299.00 and consist of a 20 minute block time flight where the customer receives an air experience flight from a flying instructor. There will be no aerobatics during this sortie, and the total airtime will be a minimum of 10 minutes airborne. All flights that come under these special deals will be offered on very specific dates to take place at the time of booking. If the customer can not take part on that specific date then all conditions apply for rebooking.

e) ย CAA DTO:ย Our aircraft operate experience flight under a CAA ย DTO (Declared Training Organisation), including a small selection of airfields, including Peterborough. We aim to run all experience flights from Peterborough Conington Airfield; however, due to circumstances out of our control (i.e. Covid restrictions), flight locations may change to one of our other DTO locations – See below cancellation policy.

6) Cancellations:

a) Our policy is to operate our experiences with a complete commitment to customer satisfaction. Therefore, when one is booked, we are committed to you, our customer, and you, in turn, are committing to us to show up on the day you have booked, at the allotted check-in time. Failure to do so without prior written agreement will null and void the booking, and T6 Harvard Ltd will give no refund.

The planning and management of each experience are done to a very high degree, and if someone drops out having booked a place, we have to go through a considerable amount of trouble and cost to fill that space. If indeed even possible. Consequently, we take cancellation or date changes very seriously, and we expect anyone booking to treat the matter accordingly. All circumstances leading to cancellation will be taken into consideration, and a decision made at our discretion.

b) Cancellation by you: Once tickets are purchased, there is a statutory fourteen day’ cooling-off period during which you can request and will receive a full refund. After that time, all tickets are non-refundable. However, there are exceptions such as:

  1. Pregnancy: If you are unable to take part in your flight during the validity period of the ticket because you are pregnant, we will extend the validity period by nine months from the baby’s due date, provided that before the expiry of the validity period of your vouchers you contact us in writing or by email or fax and in addition supply us with a copy of a valid MATB1 (obtainable from 26 weeks of pregnancy) relating to your pregnancy.
  2. Illness or incapacitation:ย We are sympathetic to anyone suffering from illness and unable to attend and enjoy an event. All genuine requests will be treated individually, and they must be supported by your ‘doctor or medical advisor as appropriate’. We will normally re-schedule your experience to the next available date on a ‘once only’ basis.
  3. Overseas customers:ย We particularly appreciate you travelling to fly with us โ€“ we know how much they each mean to many’ non โ€“ UK’ visitors, and we recognise the investment in time and money you make coming to see us! Therefore if your flight has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and you have had to bear the cost of international travel to take up your experience, whilst we will not refund those costs, as a gesture of goodwill, we will refund the value of your flight if purchased directly from us.

c) Cancellation by us: Mostย of our flights go ahead as planned; however, we are flying in the UK. Therefore, like other outdoor experiences, we are subject to the vagaries of the weather. Please also acknowledge that we are flying vintage aircraft subject to extensive safety checks and maintenance programs, which sometimes pick up faults necessitating unscheduled repairs, and therefore delays. We are also subject to changes in aviation legislation and changes in CAA law and, in some cases, rely on a third party ATO and DTO, which we have no control over. ย  As a result, despite the best preparation and planning, we sometimes have to cancel flights at short notice, in some cases on the day itself. We always do our very best to work around these delays by extending the flying program, adding more flights, or another day of flying. However, we can’t always come up with the magic solution, and you may have to come back another day to have your experience.ย T6 Harvard Ltd is not responsible for any personal or additional costs relating to a cancelled flight or event experience.

  1. Peterborough: If you have booked your flight at Peterborough Conington and your flight is cancelled by us for the above reasons, T6 Harvard Ltd would rebook you to fly at Peterborough Conington, Fowlmere, or Fenland Airfield, whichever airfield we have five or more customers booked.
  2. Old Warden:ย If you have booked your flight at Old Warden (The Shuttleworth collection) and we cancel your flight due to the above reasons, T6 Harvard Ltd would rebook you to fly at our alternative airfield at Peterborough Conington, Fowlmere, or Fenland Airfield, whichever airfield we have five or more customers booked.
  3. Fowlmere:ย If you have booked your flight at Fowlmere and we cancel your flight due to the above reasons, T6 Harvard Ltd would rebook you to fly at our alternative airfield at Peterborough Conington or Fenland Airfield, whichever airfield we have five or more customers booked.
  4. Short notice cancellation: We may, at our discretion, cancel your flight for any booked date or alter its’ time without notice because of matters beyond our reasonable control, for example, adverse weather conditions or for safety or legal reasons. However, you will be given as much notice of any cancellation or alteration as is possible.
  5. Flying on an alternative date: Should we need to cancel, you will be offered the opportunity to book another date during the current flying season if possible. Should there be limited availability, or there isn’t a date that fits in with your plans, your ticket can be re-validated for the following season โ€“ this applies only to re-bookings after mid-season (July onwards)
  6. Refund due to weather or aircraft unserviceability: Under normal circumstances, all tickets are non-refundable; however, you are entitled to a monetary refund if you do not fly after three booked dates. Suppose any of the further two booked dates are cancelled (total three) by us due to unsuitable weather conditions, mechanical unserviceability of the aircraft. In that case,ย we shall refund you the initial cost. ย The following conditions apply to this refund.
  7. Requests for refunds: Must be made initially by phone/email and then followed up in writing, accompanied by the original ticket and copy of the invoice. This ensures a documented request that both parties can refer to and avoid further claims and disputes. Once your request is received, please allow 30 working days for the refund to be processed and for payment to be received on account of the original ticket purchaser.
  8. Refund financial penalties: Due to the high commission rates that our providers charge us, refunds for flights made through into the blue or Virgin Experience days will be refunded less 30% of the initial purchase cost. Any Stripe bookings that are eligible for a refund will be refunded less 5%, and any BAC transfer booking will also be refunded less 5% of the original purchase cost.
  9. Force Majeure: Should other circumstances outside of our control, which could not have been prevented despite all efforts and precautions on our side, for example, Acts of God, riots, civil unrest, Covid or other infectious diseases, put a stop to anย event, refunds will not be given. All booked passengers will be re-scheduled to future dates when the event will be held normal after the disruption has passed.

7) Date Changes Terms:ย 

a) Rebooking: Because our flights are booked in advance, a last-minute lost seat means an unrecoverable loss of revenue for the company. Therefore please request a change of date up to 30 days before the original date is fixed. Within 30 days before the booked event, T6 Harvard Ltd will decide to accommodate the date change request at our discretion. It will depend on the availability of another date at a future event. If we can make the change, we will do so, and the admin fee shall be ยฃ75.00

b) Would someone you know like to fly instead? Rather than cancel or make a date change and have to pay the penalty, it may be worth considering finding a friend or relative to replace you on a flight. After all, this is the flying experience of a lifetime, and many would jump at the chance to fly instead of you!

c) Cancellation Terms and Conditions: Our terms and conditions apply to all purchases through our websites and email bookings. They can be changed anytime, ensuring that you read and understand them before making your final booking.

8) Restrictions and limitations:

a)ย Age limit:ย We have a minimum age limit of 16 for Experience flights and no upper age limit as long as the elderly are fit and healthy and can climb in and out of the aircraft.

b)ย Height restrictions:ย For the T6 Harvard, we have a height restriction of 6โ€ฒ 5.”

c)ย Weight restrictions:ย The maximum weight we allow in the T6 Harvard is 18 stone which is 252 pounds or 115 kg

9) Health Restrictions

a) Passengers by booking on this website are stating that they have no medical conditions which would affect their ability to undertake the proposed activity. Passengers must declare that they have never suffered from any of the following, which may create or lead to a dangerous situation in flight:

  1. blackouts from any cause;
  2. epilepsy;
  3. severe head injury;
  4. recurrent fainting or giddiness;
  5. high blood pressure;
  6. angina;
  7. coronary heart disease;
  8. ย insulin-dependent diabetes;
  9. any nervous disorder;
  10. or other relevant illness or injury.
  11. Passengers must not have blocked sinuses, so they’re able to equalise the pressure in their ears by blowing into their closed noses.
  12. Passengers must not be suffering from the effects of alcohol or drugs.

10) Additional Passenger Requirements

Passengers must be able to demonstrate the following:

a) The ability to understand the information provided concerning the risk associated with flying in a historic warbird aircraft.

b) The ability to make an informed decision based upon the risk information provided and to be prepared to accept the risk involved in participating in the proposed activity.

c) ย A good understanding of the safety equipment provided and its operation and use.

d) ย An appropriate approach to the passenger experience, exhibiting maturity, stability of character and attitude consistent with the intended activity.

e) ย Conversational English to an acceptable level for the intended activity.

11) ย Video footage

a. Due to safety reasons, we do not allow phones or other devices such as GoPro to be used in the aircraft for recording. However, we have the facility for Video footage to be purchased pre-flight using our onboard VBOX flight recording system – Cost ยฃ50.00 per USB – Please note that the footage is raw and not edited and handed to the customer on a USB stick post-flight. The footage is normally from take-off to landing and activated by GPS.

b. We consider any footage longer than 4 mins recorded onto the stick as a video. Occasionally the camera or recording system may encounter technical difficulties out of our control; for this reason, we set a minimum of 4 minutes recorded as viable footage. Any less than 4 mins would result in a full refund.

c. Occasionally, we are asked for wing footage which is not as reliable as our in-flight VBOX system and not always available due to the extra administration. In addition, the camera (GoPro) is out on the wing in the elements at speeds of over 200 mph, where the camera may be prone to vibration and turning off. This is ยฃ70.00 as the footage needs to be manually edited and posted to the client.

12) Accuracy Of Website Information

a. The Site Information is provided “as is,” and we make no representation, endorsement or warranty as to its accuracy. We will not be liable for any action taken (or not taken) in reliance upon the Site Information, and such action is taken entirely at your own risk.

b. We reserve the right to make changes to the Site Information to correct any errors or omissions (at our discretion) without notice and liability to you. 5.3 External websites to which we provide hypertext links are not under our control, and we take no responsibility and shall not be liable in any way for their content.

c. It is a feature of this website that some of the Site Information is contributed to us by different third parties, and we do not control those parties or their information.

d. ย Opinions expressed within the Site Information are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent our opinions.
e. This website, like any other, is susceptible to cyber-squatting, spoofing and vandalism. Accordingly, we do not accept any responsibility for or liability regarding any losses arising from or information that appears on this website resulting from such actions.

f. ย Where the operation of this website depends
on the input of the information by you, the service provided by us depends on and varies according to the accuracy of such inputted information. Therefore, we can accept no responsibility for, nor any liability in respect of, the input of inaccurate information to this website by you and/or any third parties.

g. In the unlikely event that you find any inaccurate information on this website or have any complaint about what we have published, please get in touch with [email protected] We will investigate on receipt and take such action, which we, in our sole discretion, determine as appropriate regarding all the circumstances.

13) Customer satisfaction

a. Customer Satisfaction: We take the greatest care to ensure all our experiences offer the highest level of customer satisfaction and enjoyment; if a customer is unsatisfied, we will make every effort to rectify the situation to ensure the customer is delighted. Suppose a customer wants to complain that the customer should raise the matter with the operations manager on the day. They will do everything within their immediate power to resolve the matter. If that is not possible, they will take the matter to a Company Director, who will take on the personal responsibility and ownership until a complete resolution has been achieved. Customers who wish to complain to the company, other than through an Operations Manager, should contact our customer services on [email protected]

Should you have any further questions about our terms and conditions, please email us at [email protected]

T6 Harvard Ltdย 

Company Number – 11989586