T6 Harvard Aviation Ltd – Terms and Conditions

1. Opening Hours –ย T6 Harvard Aviation Ltd operates from various airfields in the UK including Peterborough Connington, Chatteris Airfield, Eshott Airfield and Old Warden. Other airfields will be added as time goes on. ย We have recently changed the way we operate to using an agent to handle most of our bookings. The customer can now buy a voucher with INTO THE BLUE and then the customer contacts [email protected] or [email protected] to confirm a date and time for the flight.

2. Experience flights –ย Customers may purchase flights with T6 Harvard Ltd directly by emailing [email protected] ย Making arrangements via this method. Using this method to book a flight payment must be made via BAC to our company account or the izettle card facility. Bookings may also be purchased via IntotheBlue who may be found on line (Biggin Hill)

3. Flying Charges –ย All flights will be invoiced within 24 hours of the customer’s flight. Our terms and conditions for payment is 14 days from the issue of the invoice for full and complete payment to our account (See para 4)

4.ย Billing of Flight timeย – All solo and conversion flights are billed on Hobbs time recorded in the cockpit on the Hobbs meter. If you wish to fly at the hourly rate this will be charged at ยฃ660.00 per hour wet. All subsequent landings for examples “touch and gos” will incur a further charge of ยฃ15.00 per landing plus VAT per landing on top of the hire rate. All landings will be logged in the tech log accurately.

Any additional landing fees incurred when training (Such as Cambridge or Peterborough etc) shall be billed.

5. Movement of aircraft Duxford – If the aircraft is moved out of the hangar to airside by ARC a cost will be incurred. The current cost of such a move is ยฃ50.00 plus VAT one way. If you do use ARC to move the aircraft at any time please let Admin know at [email protected] so we can raise an invoice.

6. Conversion and differences training – ย ย “Conversions”

7. Aditional instructor chargesย – Between the student and instructor and not part of the billing by T6 Harvard Ltd.

8. Solo Hire – Solo flight may only be authorised at the discretion of the instructor. The time taken varies from student to student. Typically students may take between 5 (minimum) and 20 hours to solo the aircraft from our experience. Solo hire is subject to insurance limitations and is requested on a case by case basis from our insurers.

9. Solo Hire – ย Pilots cleared to solo will have to adhere to the T6 Harvard Ltd SOP and its limitations.

10. Insurance –ย The insurance document is held inside the A4 folder in the aircraft baggage compartment. All pilots must be named and registered with the insurance ideally before any training commences. All new student pilots will submit the Hire agreement along with insurance form before training. Admin at T6 Harvard Ltd will submit details of the pilot to the insurance.

11. Bookings and Cancellation of Flights

a. Our aircraft is subject to the most stringent checks and maintenance programmes. Sometimes in a busy year, these maintenance schedules such as 50-hour checks may come around quickly and interrupt our display or flight experience programs. If this happens we shall email you and look for an alternative date at the earliest opportunity. ย Safety First!

b. Sometimes pilots can be as temperamental as the machinery! As we only use the most professional pilots sometimes they may suffer from a simple cold that may stop them flying. If this happens we shall email you and look for an alternative date at the earliest opportunity. ย Safety First!

c. Your flight booking will be valid for 12ย  months from the date of purchase and then it will expire. If you would like to extend you must contact us before the 12 months is up to extend, a fee of ยฃ50 will be incurred.

d. All flights are transferable to another person with a minimum of 7 days notice before the flight is due to take place.

e. All flights are sold on a non-refundable basis, however, they can be transferred to another person.

12 – Can I cancel or change a booking?

At least 7 days notice is required if you wish to cancel or change a booking, otherwise, the booking is forfeited and no recompense is payable. Please read the FAQ section, points – ย 1 – 7

13. Paymentsย 

Experience flight Bookings will be made generally through INTO THE BLUE and payment will be taken by that company. All other payments must be made by arrangement with [email protected] or [email protected]ย  to secure your flight.

BAC Bank details are as follows –

Lloyds Bank
Sort 30 90 99
Ac 31654568
IBAN – GB88 LOYD 3090 9931 6545 68

14. Refunds

All flights are sold on a non-refundable basis, however, they can be transferred to another person.