T6 Harvard Ltd – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Edition (2) 08/02/2019


Terms of service (also known as terms of use and terms and conditions, commonly abbreviated asย T&C) are the legal agreements between a service provider T6 Harvard Ltd and a person who wants to use that service.

The person must agree to abide by the terms of service to use the offered service. By booking with us, you have agreed to the below T&C and agree to abide by our T&C.

At T6 Harvard Ltd, we strongly recommend reading the T&C written below before you book your flight and read the FAQ page, which answers most of the “usual” questions. We want to ensure that all your expectations are met before you commit to purchasing a flight with us. If you have any questions, please email the team at [email protected].





1. Opening Hours and bookingย proceduresย –ย T6 Harvard Ltd operates from various airfields in the UK, including Peterborough Connington, Eshott Airfield, Fenland, Cambridge Airfield and Old Warden. Other airdromes will be added as time goes on.

Flight bookings are made by the following means:

a. Online booking from one of our landing pages (Click) Easy and simple! All payments are administered through the banking system known as STRIPE PAY.
b. Direct bookings made to [email protected]ย Organise with us and pay by BAC transfer directly to T6Harvard Ltd business bank account. (see para 4)
c. Agent bookings withย Into The Blueย The customer books directly with them and then contacts [email protected] or [email protected] to confirm a date and time for the flight.
d. T6 Harvard Ltd has no financial dealings with Into The Blue until the flight has been booked and invoiced Into The Blue one month before the flight is due to take place. Up until that point, all refunds and administration regarding flights booked through In To The Blue remain with the company ย Into the blue.
e. Payments may be taken via credit card on the day of an event via Zettle – This is a function of pay pal

2. Experience and Introductory flights – ย Harvard Warbird flights will be from our preferred location at “Peterborough Conington” ย and “Old Warden – Choose between any one of the below packages. Experience flights would be with an instructor and would be a flying lesson and the Introductory flight ย (see link for CAA definition) Would not be classed a lesson but conducted with theย aim of promoting aerial sport or leisure aviation. All introductory flights shall be completed without the passenger control stick in place. T6 Harvard Ltd is anย organisation that has been created with the aim of promoting aerial sport or leisure aviation, for the purpose of attracting new trainees or new members.


  • ยฃ399.00 โ€“ 20 minutes (Introductory Flight) Old Warden โ€“ A flight where the pilot will show you the effects of controls and how manoeuvrable this machine actually is! These flights shall be on the airshow and events days at Old Warden. Having booked a flight with us online, you should then purchase an events ticket separately from Shuttleworth Eventsย  A great day out for the family, plus the bonus of flying in the Harvard Warbird!


  • ยฃ299.00 โ€“ 20 minutes (Introductory Flight) Peterborough โ€“ A flight where the pilot will show you the effects of controls and how manoeuvrable this machine actually is!
  • ยฃ399.00 โ€“ 20 minutes – (Introductory Flight & Basic Aerobatics) Peterborough – A flight where the pilot will show you the effects of controls and how manoeuvrable this machine actually is. You will also have several basic aileron rolls demonstrated by your instructor, which will give you another aspect of the aircraftโ€™s manoeuvrability and agility.
  • ยฃ499.00 โ€“ 30 minutes (Introductory Flight The Battle of Britain Experience) Peterborough – A flight where the pilot will show you the effects of controls and how manoeuvrable this machine actually is! Your pilot, weather permitting, will demonstrate a series of aerobatics manoeuvres such as Aileron rolls, Half Cubans, and the inside loop. We call this the “Battle of Britain Experience” This really is for the “Thrillseeker” as the pilot will really show you what it’s like to be pulling up to 3g’s in this warbird! Feel what it was like for a pilot during the Battle of Britain looping and rolling – Not for the queasy! Of course, if at any time you don’t want to do any aerobatics, we can take you for a sedate flight around; it’s up to you!

3. Bookings and Cancelationsย 

a. Location: The preferred location for the experience flights are at Peterborough Conington airfield and Old Warden.

Old Warden – Any Experience flight booked from the Old Warden will require the customer to purchase an airshow ticket to enter the airfield from the Old Warden Shuttleworth collection web site. Suppose the flight can not be completed on the day for any reason from Old Warden. In that case, the flight will be transferred to another Old warden events day or one of our Peterborough dates. The customer booking a flight on the Old Warden dates must purchase and event tickets for the Old Warden events day from https://www.shuttleworth.org/events/ before arrival.

b. Length of flight: A 20 or 30-minute flight is taken from when the aircraft has started and moves to taxi. This includes the flight time and the final taxi until the aeroplane stops, known as “block time” or “Chock to Chock” We normally allow a 3-5 minute taxi at either end of the flight giving you a minimum of 10 minutes of air time on a 20-minute flight; however, we aim to provide you with longer. The T6 Harvard is a thirsty girl and may burn 120 litres of fuel in the air and can also consume a lot of gas while on the ground. So we suggest, for example, if you want 20 minutes in the air book a 30 min flight to be sure. (This will give you approximately 20 minutes of airtime)

c. ย Maintenence: Our aircraft is subject to the most stringent checks and maintenance programs. Sometimes in a busy year, these maintenance schedules such as 50-hour checks may come around quickly and interrupt our display or flight experience programs. If this happens, we shall email you and look for an alternative date at the earliest opportunity. ย Safety First!

d. Pilot safety:ย Sometimes, pilots can be as temperamental as the machinery! As we only use the most professional pilots, sometimes, they may suffer from a simple cold that may stop them from flying. If this happens, we shall email you and look for an alternative date at the earliest opportunity. ย Safety First!

e. CAA ATO:ย Our aircraft operate experience flight under a CAA ย ATOย (Approved Training Organisation), including a small selection of airfields, including Peterborough. We aim to run all experience flights from Peterborough Conington Airfield; however, due to circumstances out of our control (i.e. Covid restrictions), flight locations may change to one of our other ATO locations.

f. Expiry of flight: Your flight booking will be valid for 12ย  months from the date of purchase, and then it will expire. If you would like to extend, you must contact us before the 12 months is up to extend. We don’t charge for this as some companies do; however, please remain in communications with us. We appreciate difficulties, especially with covid in this difficult time.

g. Flight transfers to other customers: All flights are transferable to another person with a minimum of 7 days’ notice before the flight is due to take place.

h. Age limit:ย We have a minimum age limit of 16 for Experience flights as an experience flight is deemed a flying lesson completed with a flying instructor.

i. Height restrictions:ย For the T6 Harvard, we have a height restriction of 6โ€ฒ 5.โ€

j. Weight restrictions:ย The maximum weight we allow in the T6 Harvard is 18 stone which is 252 pounds or 115 kg

k. Refunds: All flights are sold on a non-refundable basis; however, the customer can transfer them to another person.

4. Paymentsย 

Direct bookings paid by BAC Bank details are as follows –

Lloyds Bank
Sort 30 90 99
Ac 31654568
IBAN – GB88 LOYD 3090 9931 6545 68