Basic Trainer BT-9 – 14

A student and instructor with a USAAC BT-9 at Randolph Field, Texas. The colours are off in the ad, as the fuselage should be blue.ย It is definitely a BT-9, not a BT-14. The square windscreen shape and the engine scoops/vents are dead giveaways that it’s a BT-9. I believe some BT-9’s had the fuselage fabric (at least the removable section) metalized later on in life to help with wear Shane Clayton. Originally, this BT-9 should have been Blue, not yellow.

BT-9 -Basic Trainer with 400hp Wright R-975-7 Whirlwind and a new canopy. Dangerous stall resulted in a variety of unsuccessful fixes. 42 built.

BT-9A –ย Armed BT-9 with one cowl gun and one rear flexible gun, and modified canopy. 40 built.

BT-9B –ย Minor changes from BT-9, unarmed. 117 built. 1 modified as sole BT-9D, modified as a prototype for BT-14 with new outer wing panels and other alterations.

BT-9C –ย Wright R-975-7, similar to the BT-9A with minor changes. 66 built

BT-9D –ย One prototype only, Intermediate step in the development of the BT-14.

Y1BT-10 –ย 600hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340-41. The first aircraft of a batch of BT-9C completed as Y1BT-10.

BT-10 –ย The production version of Y1BT-10 – cancelled

BT-14 – Lengthened all-metal fuselage and new canopy, Pratt & Whitney R-985-25, 251 built.








Above – BT-14A –ย 27 BT-14s were re-engined with 400ย hp (298ย kW) Pratt & Whitney R-985-11.

Above – BT-14 Randolph Field