AT-6D MADE IN BRAZIL – by Joao M. Vidal

Other than the known production lines in the USA and Canada, another country built AT-6 from scratch: Brazil. These airframes were not assembled but totally constructed by “Parque de Material Aeronáutico de Lagoa Santa” (initially “Fábrica de Lagoa Santa”). Other than the engines, propellers and a few instruments, all the components were made in Brazil.

From 1947 to 1951, 81 aircraft designated PAMA LS N-119 AT-6D-1LS came out of the production line in two batches: The first 19 received the Brazilian Air Force serials 1376 to 1394 and the following 62 the serials 1531 to 1592.
Although they were made in Brazil North American Aircraft allocated to this series the NA construction numbers 119-40086 to 119-40166.