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๐Ÿฆ  ๐Ÿฆ ย Dear guests, regrettably the COVID pandemic has affected aviation in all areas. The safety of our customers is a priority. To that end, we shall only resume flights with customers when it is safe to do so. You may still book a flight with our booking partner “Into the Blue”Please click on thisย link Watch this space for further information – ย (4th July 2020)

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Simple as 123 โ€“ CLICK BOOK & FLY! โ€“ Please click on the link below and book a flight in the โ€œWacky Wabbitโ€ through our booking partner โ€œInto The Blueโ€ โ€“ When you have booked a date with Into The Blue we will book you into a designated time slot on your chosen day. We look forward to flying with you soon!

This year 2020 we are flying at most major events at Old Warden. For those that donโ€™t manage to fly on these dates we have standby dates when we fill them at Peterborough Connington โ€“ Please click on the link to book with our partner โ€œInto The Blueโ€ย 

For a cost-effective solution to scratch the itch of flying in a warbird. Book now and reach for the sky in our Advanced โ€œHarvard Trainer โ€“ The one and only โ€œWacky Wabbitโ€ If you have any questions about our flights, please take a look at the โ€œFrequently asked questionsโ€ link You may also view our Terms and Conditions at the following link. If you canโ€™t find the answer, please contact us at Email [email protected]









About this web site – We would like this site to become a reference site for all Harvard/Texan enthusiasts worldwide. As this site progresses we would like to build upon the History of the Harvard to include interesting articles on all things Harvard/Texan/SNJ. I have logged just a few of the known Harvard’s registered in Great Britain. There are 33 ‘known’ Harvard’s on the British register and I only have the complete histories of 8 so your help would be appreciated. Please check out the “Harvard Survivors” section where I have uploaded histories where possible and photographs of Harvard survivors from all over the world such as Belgium,ย USA, Canada, German, Italianย and British to name but a few countries. I will keep adding to the survivors as I receive information. Please enjoy browsing this site and feel free to email me with any suggestions – Don’t forget if you wish to donate to keep this site running please do so, any amount would be gratefully received.

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Harvard “WARBIRD” Flights


UK HArvards

A comprehensive list of all Harvards in the UK with history, pictures and interviews with owners and Pilots

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Harvard Types

Fully documented history and specifications of the various Harvard types throughout the planes illustrious career.

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HArvard "War Bird"

The Harvard did much more than train fighter pilots in WW2 - find out about the planeโ€™s combat roles and capabilities

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Pilot Stories

Real life experiences old and new recounted by RAF pilots and modern day fliers alike,

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Events, Shows and Appearances

Come and see Harvards in action at airshows and attractions

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