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2023 Flights

2023 Dates:

The below dates and locations are all available. Please book your flight on our booking system above. 

  • Old Warden – 4th of June
  • Fowlmere – 10th of June
  • Old Warden 17th of June
  • Peterborough – 1st of July
  • Old Warden – 2nd of July
  • Sleap – 8th/9th of July
  • Old Warden – 15th of July
  • Fowlmere – 22nd of July
  • Fowlmere – 29th July
  • Fowlmere – 30th July
  • Peterborough – 5th of August
  • Fenland – 27th of August
  • East Kirkby – 28th of August
Choose a flight
  • 429.00 20 Minutes* Experience flight  – During this experience, you will feel the power of the mighty Harvard as she roars through the sky powered by her 600-horsepower radial engine. During the flight, your instructor will give you control and allow you to experience flying a warbird! (T&C Apply)
  • £499.00 20 Minutes* Battle of Britain Experience – This experience is for the more courageous who want to feel what it was like to twist and turn as if in a dog fight during World War 2. The Harvard was used during WW2 to train fighter pilots before going to the Spitfire, Hurricane and P-51 Mustang. Experience what it was like for those brave heroes in the same type of aircraft they would have trained in before combat. You will take control of the aircraft and experience +4G manoeuvres during this flight. (T&C Apply)
  • £1299.00 One Hour* + Fighter Mission Experience – The fighter mission is the platinum experience for the WW2 aviation and history buff. In the one-hour experience, you can control the aircraft, assist in navigation, and fly over some of the most iconic Battle of Britain airfields. During the sortie experience, combat fighter moves, including full aerobatics in the same sky as the battles, were fought during WW2. (T&C Apply)
  • £1699.00 * Wing-to-Wing with the Hurricane (New) – Meet the team at former RAF Fowlmere, an iconic Battle of Britain fighter Scramble from Fowlmere to patrol 12 group sectors in the Cambridge area. Take control of the Harvard under instruction – You will fly the Harvard! Demonstration of fighter tactics, Demonstration of a mock dogfight, The Hawker Hurricane shall fly in formation with you; take photographs as the Hurricane moves from Left Echelon to the right Echelon. You will have the whole flight recorded in HD on a memory stick. Receive a certificate of completion signed by your instructor with instructional hours for your logbook * (T&C Apply)
  • £170.00 20 Minutes* Auster Experience flight  – We now have the Little Auster AOP 6 available for introductory flights from Fowlmere. This AOP 6 saw action in Korea Artillery spotting during the early 1950s, a real piece of aviation History! Ideal warbird flight and she won’t break the bank!
  • £15.00 Sit in the “Wacky Wabbit” – Not everyone can fly in the Wabbit, but we would be delighted to sit you in the aircraft and show you around. Every “Sit in the Wabbit” we sell goes a long way to helping keep her flying!

We can tailor the flight to suit your requirements and budget – If you want a personalised flight experience, contact us at [email protected]. We are more than happy to discuss with you a bespoke package, and we can fly this sortie most days from Fowlmere.

Thank you for visiting T6 Harvard Ltd. We look forward to flying with you soon from our preferred locations at Fowlmere, Peterborough Conington Airfield, Old Warden Airfield, and the museum. 

The best value for money in the UK & Europe to fly is arguably the most famous T6 Harvard.

“The magnificent Wacky Wabbit” Book above; we look forward to flying with you soon! 





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