2024 Flights

Frequently asked questions 01/01/2024


Below are the usual frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions you don’t see on the list below, ย please email us at Email ย [email protected],ย and we shall endeavour to help you with your query -We look forward to flying with you very soon – The T6 Harvard Team.

1 – What if my flight is cancelled due to aircraft problems?ย Our aircraft is subject to the most stringent checks and maintenance programmes. Sometimes, in a busy year, these maintenance schedules, such as 50-hour checks, may come around quickly and interrupt our display or flight experience programs. If this happens, we shall email you and look for an alternative date as soon as possible. ย Safety First!

2 – Bookings cancelled due to the non-availability of pilots?ย Sometimes pilots can be as temperamental as the machinery! As we only use the most professional pilots, sometimes they may suffer from a simple cold that may stop them from flying. If this happens, we shall email you and look for an alternative date as soon as possible. ย Safety First!

3 – Does my flight booking expire? 12 months from the date of purchase

4 – Can my flight booking be extended over the cut-off time of 12 months?ย Yes, it can be for a small fee; see our Ts and Cs

5 – Can I give my flight booking to someone else?ย Yes. All flights are transferable as long as the passenger that you are transferring to is fit and healthy and they are under the weight limit and over the age limit, of course. See Ts and Cs

6 – Can I refund my flight payment if I donโ€™t want to use it? All flights are transferable to a third party. Refunds are given under certain conditions. See Ts and Cs

7 – Can I cancel or change a booking?ย Changing a booking can be very problematic for us as we have to book pilots and ground crew and have a minimum of 6 customers to make a flying day viable in some cases. A booking cancellation may result in a day’s flight being cancelled, which may ruin the experience for others, not to mention the loss of revenue for us.ย See Ts and Cs

8 – What sort of safety briefing will I get before I fly? Would you please clickย on this BRIEFING LINK for details on pre-flightย briefing

9 – How do I book a Harvard Warbird flight?

a. Online booking

b. Direct bookings are made to [email protected].ย Organise with us and pay by BAC transfer. (See paragraph 12)

c. Agent bookings withย Into The Blueย The customer books directly with them and then contacts [email protected] or [email protected] to confirm a date and time for the flight.

10 -How do I pay for my flight?ย See all the above! We take Paypal – Online and all major credit cards – Cash – however, we haven’t started to use Bitcoin yet!

11 – Is there an age limit?ย We have a minimum age limit of 16 for Experience flights as an experience flight is deemed a flying lesson completed with a flying instructor.

12 – Are there height restrictions?ย For the T6 Harvard, we have a height restriction of 6′ 5.”

13 – Are there weight restrictions?ย The maximum weight we allow in the T6 Harvard is 18 stone, which is 252 pounds or 115 kg

14 – What clothes should I wear?ย For your lesson, wear comfortable clothes, the T-6 can get quite warm so a light jacket will normally suffice. Gloves are not needed. You may wear a baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes if you wish. Customers may wear sunglasses. But don’t drop them, as the pilot may terminate the flight if you do!

15 – Can I wear my WW2 Flying helmet? The ground crew will supply youย with a set of compatible David Clark headsets for the flight. We must ensure good communication between students and pilots.

16 – Do we operate aerobatics? Will I be sick if we do aerobatics? Fromย “Previous” experience, we suggest that taking some form of non-drowsy motion sickness medicine may be a good idea before the flight as your doctor for advice! The pilot will only perform aerobatics on specific packages; otherwise, the basic package will be an introductory flight. Either way, please bring a plastic bag and keep that in your pocket!

17 – What happens if the weather is bad?ย If the weather is not suitable for flying on the day you have booked, we will re-book your flight for an alternative date to suit you.ย See Ts and Cs

18 – Can I bring friends and family with me to watch?ย Yes, you may bring friends and family. No alcohol is consumed on the airfield, and no dogs or other pets are allowed.

19 –ย Can I record my flight on my iPhone or GoPro? We do not allow this as any items dropped during flight may interfere with the aircraft’s controls.

a. Due to safety reasons, we do not allow phones or other devices to be used in the aircraft for recording. However, we have the facility for video footage to be purchased pre-flight using our onboard VBOX flight recording system, which costs ยฃ50.00 per USB. Please note that the footage is raw, not edited, and handed to the customer on a USB stick. The footage is normally from take-off to land and activated by GPS.

20 – Are there any discounts available for group bookings?ย Yes, we usually give a 10% discount to groups of 8 or more

21 – What airfields does T6 Harvard Aviation operate from?ย We operate from various airfields in the UK, ranging from Peterborough Conington, Old Warden, Fowlmere and Eshott airfields, to name but a few. Please see the calendar and book your flight accordingly.

old warden

22 – OLD WARDEN – Where do I go on arrival? Under normal circumstances, car parks are easily identifiable; however, marshallers will direct cars to your bays during Covid restrictions.ย The Wacky Wabbit ground crew should be easily identifiable, wearing a High Visibility vest and standing in the area by the control tower. (See yellow dot)Look out for our T6 Harvard Ltd Banners also by the tower.ย In any case, you will see the magnificent Wacky Wabbit parked up by the tower. Just head over to the tower and grab our attention; we don’t bite.









22b -OLD WARDEN ย – Location? ย Two miles due west of the A1 at Biggleswade, approximately 20 miles from J13 on M1. USE Postcodeย  SG18 9DX; please enter the site via the entrance in Old Warden Village. Shuttleworth
Old Warden Aerodromeย Nr Biggleswadeย Bedfordshire SG18 9DX


23 – PETERBOROUGH – Is there a restaurant on-site at Peterborough?ย A small and lovely cafe

23a – PETERBOROUGH – Location?ย Peterborough Business Airport is a privately owned airfield in the English county of Cambridgeshire near the villages of Holme and Conington, 7 NM south of Peterborough – Just North of Duxford – Address: Peterborough PE7 3QQ, UK

23b – PETERBOROUGH – All dates for Peterborough are provisionalย * Provisional dates, subject to a minimum of 4 flights taking place.ย  In the unlikely event numbers are not reached, we may reschedule dates


24 – FOWLMERE – All dates for Fowlmere are provisionalย * Provisional dates, subject to a minimum of 4 flights taking place.ย  In the unlikely event numbers are not reached, we may reschedule dates

24a –ย FOWLMERE – Location

FOWLMERE โ€“ Manor Farm, Fowlmere SG8 7SH

The postcode is SG8 7SH. Your GPS might take you to a gate right on the edge of a road – this is not the entrance. Proceed to Fowlmere village, and there will be a turning on the left after some speed bumps and opposite a row of houses. You will see signs for Modern Air and Fowlmere Airfield. The code for the gate is 1-3-5-7-Enter. Continue up the long drive, go straight over the concreted area, and when you see two bright orange bollards, turn right in front of them, continue along the lane and park near the other cars (before the barrier).


25 – FENLAND – Aboutย Fenland Aero Club is the general aviation heartland of the Lincolnshire Fens, 10 miles to the southwest of Wash, between Peterborough and Boston, close to the market town of Spalding.ย Promoting the amateur sport of flying. When you arrive at the airfield, please reach the control tower.

25a – FENLAND – Location? ย Address: Holbeach St Johns, Spalding PE12 8RQ.ย Please click on the map link below.