The U. S Navy, under an Army contract, acquired 40 NJ-1s. The Navy designation was N = trainer, J= North American with the 1 representing the first trainer built for the Navy by North American. The Navy designated it the SNJ with the S standing for “Scout” which translates to advanced trainer,

In 1952, the US Navy trialled a number of different colour schemes for their SNJs. Although the majority were then painted yellow, red was first given as an alternative. In June 1952, 12 SNJs of No.1 Basic Training Unit at Barin Field adopted the new colours as seen here. After the trials were concluded in December, all trainers, including the new T-28s had to be painted overall yellow. (Martin Pengelly)

United States Navy specification advanced trainer powered with 550hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340-6. Some re-engined with later versions of R-1340. Similar to BT-9, 40 built.
Similar to Harvard I but with BC-1 wing center section, metal-covered fuselage and late T-6 type wing, 16 built. An early SNJ-1 at NAS Pensacola. Note the original form of the tail.

Same as SNJ-1 but with a R-1340-56 engine and changes to carborettor and oil cooler scoops, 61 built.
Same as AT-6A, 270 built and 296 transferred from USAAC.
SNJ-3 converted as deck landing trainers with tailhook arrester gear, twelve modified. The SNJ-3C/-4C/-5C versions had an arrestor hook for carrier landings.

Same as AT-6C, 1240 built.

SNJ-4s converted as deck landing trainers with tailhook arrester gear.
AT-6Ds transferred from the USAAC, 1573 aircraft.

SNJ-5s converted as deck landing trainers with tailhook arrester gear.
AT-6Fs transferred from the USAAF, 411 aircraft.

Early models modified to T-6G standards in 1952.
An armed variant of the SNJ-7. G-BRVG Based in the UK and owned by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd – Go to the BRVG History page 

Order for 240 cancelled.