Welcome friends to our website dedicated to the Harvard Texan & SNJ’s history- More importantly, the Wacky Wabbit!

T6 Harvard Ltdย 

About T6 Harvard Ltd (Warbird Experience): T6 Harvard Ltd wasย formed in 2019 by the two co-owners of G-BJST (“The Wacky Wabbit”)

With its own CAA Declared Training Organisation approval, T6 Harvard Ltd (Warbird Experience) has grown rapidly into one of the world’s most well-known Harvard/Texan training organisations. As a company, we pride ourselves on giving customers the best value for money. We are proud to have an open review page for customer feedback on “Trust Pilot”ย We actively encourage feedback to grow as a company and maintain our high standards in all areas. โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ

Mission statement: T6 Harvard Ltd is anย organisation created to promote Warbirds, Air shows, History, Aerial sport, and leisure aviation and allow customers of T6 Harvard Ltd to experience cost-effective warbird flying.

Aim:ย We aimย to attract new Warbird pilots, trainees, and enthusiasts. T6 Harvard Ltd (Warbird Experience) wants to expose pilots and enthusiasts to warbirds through training and education. In addition, we would like to ensure the unique skills needed to fly and maintain warbirds safely are available for future generations.

The Future:ย 
T6 Harvard Ltd (Warbird Experience) is going from strength to strength with an Instagram following of over 80,000 followers and another 90,000 on other social media platforms. The brand “Wacky Wabbit” and “Team Wabbit” is growing! Just type in T6 Harvard on any search engine, and you will be greeted by amazing photographs and video of ‘The Wacky Wabbit” It’s great to see that our followers worldwide are keeping a close eye on the Wacky Wabbit! The Wabbit is in great shape, being looked after by our camo, “The Aircraft Restoration Company” at Duxford, experts in Warbird maintenance and restoration. The Wabbit has had a new Engine, a New overhauled prop, New paintwork, New tail feathers, and so on. She is one of Europe’s best flying examples of an Mk4 Harvard. It is both mechanically sound and stunning and most certainly the best-known Harvard!

T6 Harvard Ltd Services:ย 

  • Training and experience flights: After over a decade of training pilots as the ‘go-to company’ for Harvard Warbird training, we have earned the reputation. We have records showing that we have sent over 50 pilots solo, with many more in the system. In addition, we have trained thousands literally through trial lessons and ‘exercise 3’ air experience flights and continue to introduce many new experiences annually.
  • Airshows:ย During 2021, we enhanced our shows by having a new 8-gallon smoke generator fitted to the Wacky Wabbit. We now please all the senses at an airshow with the distinct sound of the Harvard, the fantastic visuals of the immaculate paintwork, and now the magnificent sight of the thick smoke trail in the sky.
  • Film Work:ย The Wacky Wabbit debuted in the film “Empire of the Sun” in the 1990s, and her film career hasn’t stopped since. She was used in many documentaries; she was recently used in the Guy Martin documentary on channel four about the Battle of Britain.

Our friends and volunteers:ย All our volunteer staff are dedicated to the above mission statement and the company’s aim. While the directors are kept busy running the company, the pilots and ground crew are left to have fun! (Yes, this is written by a director!) Our Head of Training is a Commercial Airline pilot with many hours on the Harvard and other related aircraft. Our pilots are highly experienced and talented aviators who, in most cases, are airline pilots who give up their valuable time to help out.

Again, the ground crew are all volunteers who gather at Duxford and spend hours cleaning and polishing the Wabbit and volunteering on weekends on event days to deal with customers and sell our merchandise. We have a great team dedicated to the mission. We are always looking for that ‘special volunteer’ who would fit in with our company dynamic and help the team – It could be you!

George Pritchard T6 Harvard Ltd

Flying with Heroes: We had the absolute pleasure of taking 99-year-old (soon to be 100) George Pritchard on a flight around some of his old Cambridgeshire WW2 Airfields, including former RAF Bourn, Wyton and Alconbury, with a flypast of Duxford IWM landing finally at Fowlmere. WW2 Pilot F/Sgt George Pritchard was a Wellington pilot and then a Mosquito pilot with 544Sqn during WW2.ย He ended the war with 140 Wing flying rocket Mosquitos in Europe. George flew the Harvard a couple of times during his training 80 years ago. This was an incredibly emotive and nostalgic day for him, and it was no surprise that he could remember everything about flying the Harvard.

A fantastic day with friends and family finished in style with a couple of pints and a big dinner in our local pub, โ€˜Chequersโ€™ in Fowlmere, a pub familiar to any pilot from the Battle of Britain based at Fowlmere.

About the website www.T6Harvard.comย ย โ€“ The website offers complete aviation services for the Harvard 4 “The Wacky Wabbit”; however, it provides a lot more! We want the site to become a reference site for all Harvard/Texan enthusiasts worldwide. As the site progresses, we would like to build upon Harvard History to include interesting articles on all things Harvard/Texan/SNJ. Please check out the “Harvard Survivors” section, where we have uploaded histories where possible and photographs of Harvard survivors worldwide, such as Belgium,ย USA, Canada, Germany, Italyย and Great Britain, to name a few countries. We will keep adding to the survivors as I receive information. Please enjoy browsing this site, and feel free to email me with any suggestions โ€“ Don’t forget if you wish to donate to keep the site running.

That’s just a little about us and what we do. Thank you for visiting this site, and if you have any questions or contributions, please drop us a line at [email protected].ย 

All the very best,ย “TEAM WABBIT.”




Sponsorship opportunities: The sponsorship we seek is to offset the operational and running cost to keep this iconic aircraft in the sky and give you, the sponsor, an excellent advertising platform and a return on your investment. We are happy to work with a potential sponsor to form a bespoke package to suit their needs. All packages would be valid for 12 months from the contract date. Please get in touch with us for more information andย check out the sponsor page.ย Email: [email protected]