CONVERSION to the Harvard – advanced military trainer


Learning objectives

The T-6 Harvard conversion prepares pilots of all experience levels to act as PIC of the T-6 Harvard or any of its many variants. The course covers the following disciplines :

Normal and emergency procedures


Three-point landings

Wheel landings

Crosswind operations

Unusual attitude recoveries

Basic aerobatics


Free RCAF Pilot Operating Instructions

Free download – RCAF – Pilots-Operating-Instructions – 42.6mb

Free download – 1945 AAF Advanced Single-Engine Flying Instructorโ€™s Manual

If you are interested in a conversion course to the mighty Harvard, please download the above manuals, just to wet your appetite for free! The RCAF manual is relevant to our MK4 T6 Harvard. (G-BJST Wacky Wabbit)

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย Free downloadOther aircraft manuals are available by clicking on this link

To see the cockpit of the wabbit please click on the links below.

Front Cockpit (Enlarge) ย  ย  ย  ย  Rear Cockpit (Enlarge) ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  Front Cockpit (Enlarge)

ย ย ย ย 
Cost of the course

The cost of the course is ยฃ660 per hour wet plus VAT – For training, we charge block to block time. If you are deemed suitable to fly the Harvard having completed the course the rate is ยฃ660 per hour wet airborne time plus VAT. These charges may be revised in 2020/21. An additional fee will be for the instructor at ยฃ60 per hour inc VAT paid to the instructor.

The length of the course

The length of the courseย – varies depending on pilot experience but generally ranges from 5 – 15 hours. Students beginning the course should have a tailwheel endorsement in their logbook. ย Harvard conversions will usually be carried out on G-BJST “The Wacky Wabbit.”

Solo Hire of the T6 Harvard – T6 Harvard Ltd are one of the only companies in the UK/Europe that allow students when qualified to hire the T6 Harvard for solo flight. Solo flight is down to T6 Harvard Ltd Instructors who will lay down solo flight caveats at there discretion which vary from student to student.

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Warbird progression

Advanced training – Whether you are looking for a full T-6 checkout or recurrent training, you will walk away with a thorough understanding of the aircraft and the confidence, proficiency, and respect that the T-6 Harvard demands. Our experienced warbird instructors can also offer transition programs for those wishing to advance further on to high-performance WWII fighter aircraft. We will tailor the training package to suit your background and experience level, making the step to the bigger fighter aircraft an enjoyable, safe, and educational experience.

Meet the instructors –ย You will get expert tuition from our instructors who between them have over 60,000 flying hours! T6 Harvard Aviation instructors have many hours instructing specifically on the Harvard and guarantee excellent, safe instruction passing on years of knowledge and experience.ย  ย  ย  ย 

Mike Cuming – FI – Commercial Airline Pilot

Glen Fricker – FI – Commercial Airline Pilotย 

Brian Jones – FI – Commercial Airline Pilot

Andrew Goodall – CRI – Class Ratingย Instructor

Neil Oakman – FI/Examiner – Commercial Airline Pilot



T6 Harvard Student testimonials

Andy Goodall made his first T6 Harvard solo in April 2013

Make the transition –ย “Most pilots dream of flying a warbird, that dream can become a reality with T6 Harvard Aviation”. Quote: “After many years of flying GA aircraft, I made the transition from ‘nose draggers’ to ‘tail draggers’ (traditional landing gear) and never looked back”! ย “Having completed my tailwheel differences training ย I made the transition to the magnificent Harvard. T6 Harvard Aviation allowed me to solo, then continued to mentor me until I qualified as a Harvard display pilot (DA)”. Following on from getting my Catagory B Aerobatic DA I completed 10 hours training in 4 different Mustangs and was cleared to solo fly. It all started off on the T6 Harvard!ย 

Right – Andy cleared solo by Instructor and mentor Mark Murphy in the Collings Foundation “Toulouse Nuts” P51 Mustang. (Great Falls USA)

I can highly recommend an experience flight in the T6 Harvard. An experience or a full conversion on to this Advanced Fighter Trainer for any pilot wishing to broaden their horizons. ย As you climb into this military machine, youย will be stepping back in time to the late 1930’s early 40’s when pilotsย receivedย advanced training on this aircraft before flying a fighter in combat weeks later – (Andy Goodall Harvard Display Pilot and Class Rating Instructor) More on Andys progress can be found at this link – Radial Airshows


Peter Kirkpatrick makes the conversion to the T6 Harvard

Peter is a leading UK Neurosurgeon who has many hours flying the amazing Pitts Special in some very unusual attitudes! Before Peter took to the skies in his very own Hurricane, he is got himself comfortable in the “beefier” T6 Harvard. The T6 Harvard is, of course, excellent preparation for the fighter aircraft such as the Hurricane, Spitfire and the P51 Mustang. Since accruing a few hours in the T6 Harvard Peter then went on to solo his Hurricane V7497 and has now completed over 10 hours and is working up to his Hurricane Display Authorisation. More information can be found about Kirk and his progression at the web site – Hurricane 501


We coach aerobatics in the Harvard and prepare you for your Display Authorisation



Our other services include

T6 Harvard Conversion training

T6 Harvard flying displays

T6 Harvard Warbird experience flights

Film and media opportunitiesย 

Take a look at our exciting T6 Harvard videos

  • Neil Oakman – FI/Examiner – Commercial Airline Pilot
  • Glen Fricker – FI – Commercial Airline Pilotย  ย ย 
  • Mike Cuming – FI – Commercial Airline Pilot
  • Brian Jones – FI – Commercial Airline Pilot
  • Andrew Goodall – CRI – Class Ratingย Instructorย  ย ย  ย