Frequently asked questions


Below are the usual frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions that you don’t see on the below list,  please email us at Email  [email protected], and we shall endeavour to help you with your query -We look forward to flying with you very soon – The T6 Harvard Team.

1 – What if my flight is cancelled due to aircraft problems? Our aircraft is subject to the most stringent checks and maintenance programmes. Sometimes in a busy year, these maintenance schedules such as 50-hour checks may come around quickly and interrupt our display or flight experience programs. If this happens, we shall email you and look for an alternative date at the earliest opportunity.  Safety First!

2 – Bookings cancelled due to non-availability of pilots? Sometimes pilots can be as temperamental as the machinery! As we only use the most professional pilots, sometimes they may suffer from a simple cold that may stop them from flying. If this happens, we shall email you and look for an alternative date at the earliest opportunity.  Safety First!

3 – Does my flight booking expire? Your flight booking will be valid for 12  months from the date of purchase, and then it will expire. If you would like to extend, you must contact us before the 12 months is up to extend – We don’t charge a fee for this like some companies.

4 – Can my flight booking be extended over the cut off time of 12 months? The simple answer is that yes, as long as you email us and let us know your circumstances, we shall do whatever to keep your booking open, especially if it’s covid related. We like to work with our customers and help you out. I would say, though, try not to leave it longer than 18 months!

5 – Can I give my flight booking to someone else? Yes. All flights are transferable as long as the passenger is fit and healthy that you are transferring to and they are under the weight limit and over the age limit, of course. (See points – 11, 12 and 13)

6 – Can I get a refund on my flight payment if I don’t want to use it? Unfortunately, all flights are sold on a non-refundable basis; however, they can be transferred to another person.

7 – Can I cancel or change a booking? At least 7 days notice is required if you wish to cancel or change a booking; otherwise, the booking is forfeited, and no recompense is payable.

8 – What sort of safety briefing will I get before I fly? Please click on this BRIEFING LINK for details on pre-flight briefing

9 – How do I book a Harvard Warbird flight?

a. Online booking from one of our landing pages (Click) Easy and simple!

b. Direct bookings made to [email protected] Organise with us and pay by BAC transfer. (See paragraph 12)

c. Agent bookings with Into The Blue The customer books directly with them and then contacts [email protected] or [email protected] to confirm a date and time for the flight.

10 -How do I pay for my flight? See all above! We take Paypal – Online and all major credit cards – Cash – however, we haven’t started to use bitcoin yet!

11 – Is there an age limit? We have a minimum age limit of 16 for Experience flights as an experience flight is deemed a flying lesson completed with a flying instructor.

12 – Are there height restrictions? For the T6 Harvard, we have a height restriction of 6′ 5.”

13 – Are there weight restrictions? The maximum weight we allow in the T6 Harvard is 18 stone which is 252 pounds or 115 kg

14 – What clothes should I wear? For your lesson, wear comfortable clothes, the T-6 can get quite warm so a light jacket will normally suffice. Gloves are not needed. You may wear a baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes if you wish. Sunglasses may be worn. But take care not to drop them as the pilot may terminate the flight if you do!

15 – Can I wear my WW2 Flying helmet? You will be supplied with a set of compatible David Clark headset for use on the flight. We must ensure good communications between student and pilot.

16 – Do we operate aerobatics? Will I be sick if we do aerobatics? We suggest from “Previous” experience that it may be a good idea to take some form of none drowsy motion sickness medicine before the flight as your doctor for advice! Aerobatics will only be performed on specific packages; otherwise, the basic £299.00 package will be a trial lesson with the instructor. Either way, bring a plastic bag and keep that in your pocket, please!

17 – What happens if the weather is bad? If the weather is not suitable for flying on the day you have booked, we will re-book your flight for an alternative date to suit you

18 – Can I bring friends and family with me to watch? Yes, you may bring friends and family. Please note, no alcohol to be consumed on the airfield, and no dogs or other pets allowed.

19 – Are there any discounts available for group bookings? Yes, we usually give a 10% discount to groups of 8 or more

20 – What airfields does T6 Harvard Aviation operate from? We operate from various airfields in the UK, ranging from Peterborough Conington, Biggin Hill and Eshott airfield, to name but a few. Please see the calendar and book your flight accordingly.

21 – Where is Peterborough Conington? Peterborough Business Airport is a privately owned airfield in the English county of Cambridgeshire near the villages of Holme and Conington, 7 NM south of Peterborough – Just North of Duxford – Address: Peterborough PE7 3QQ, UK

22 – Is there a restaurant on-site at Peterborough? Only small snacks available and cups of tea (During covid restrictions, there may be no amenities open)

22a – All dates for Peterborough are provisional * Provisional dates, subject to a minimum of 2 flights taking place.  In the unlikely event, numbers are not reached, dates may be rescheduled

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25 – Where is Eshott Airfield? Eshott Airfield is a former British Royal Air Force World War II airfield in Northumberland, England, 20 miles north of Newcastle, and midway between Morpeth and Alnwick. It is also known as Bockenfield Aerodrome. Wikipedia

26 – Is there a restaurant on-site at Eshott Airfield? Yes they have a very nice little cafe which serves hot food and beverages

27 – What are our terms and conditions for flying with T6 Harvard Aviation?

Please view this link to see our full terms and conditions – Link.