FILM WORK – Authentic ww2 Aircraft – for hire

We have hired out our Harvard on many occasions for Film and Media work. If you would like to hire the Harvard please contact me at [email protected]ย 

  • Aircraft hire available for ground static work
  • Available for flying with Passenger in the rear
  • Filming for Flypasts and bespoke airshows
  • Cameras may be fitted internally and externally
  • Original vintage WW2 uniforms available on request
  • Re-enactors are available on request

Harvard AJ841 1941 – 46 in authentic Desert Air Force colours available for film and mediaย 

About AJ841 – Our Desert Air Force (DAF) Harvard AJ841 is available for film or media work. The Harvard provides an excellent prop for any WWII period setting. The Harvard was the primary advanced trainer and company โ€˜Hacโ€™ during WWII and was ubiquitously seen on airfields not just in the United Kingdom but Worldwide. We are proud to say that the camouflage scheme, serial number and RAF decals are totally authentic to an aircraft that did exist from 1941 – 1946 down to the last detail.

Flying – Our Harvard not only looks great but also flys great as well having a full certificate of airworthiness and on the public transport register. This means that with one of our instructors you may even take the controls during flight. The aircraft can perform many aerobatic manoeuvres such as the Aileron Roll, Cuban Eight, Inside Loop and the Barrel Roll. The cavernous cockpit built for oversized Texans, allows plenty of room to fit camera equipment inside along with the pilot to get those realistic internal flying shots.

Static Display – Available also for static ground display and filming. As you can see from the gallery, she is just as stunning on the ground as she is in the air.

Authentic Uniforms –ย See below for more information, We have a wide selection of British and American WW2 uniforms and flight gear available. We can supply consultants to ensure the historical accuracy of your film shoot is completely accurate for any wartime period. Kit and equipment changed many times between 1939 and 1945, we strive for authenticity.


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Authentic ww2 uniform and equipment – for hire

“If you are looking for WW2 RAF authenticity you have come to the right place”ย 

We offer RAF re-enactors of the period 1939-1945. We also have authentic RAF equipment for hire and historical consultants –ย For more information on this area contact Andy at – [email protected]

      • Authentic kit and equipment from WW2 for hire
      • Historical consultants to ensure accuracy of period clothing and equipment
      • Re-enactors to assist as film extras with correct period uniform and equipment

Authentic equipment for hire – We have a variety of period uniforms and genuine RAF equipment available for ‘hire’ – We offer re-enactors to assist on set dressed in authentic, period uniforms from any RAF theatre of world war 2 such as the Battle of Britain or even the Desert Air Force. If you need advice and consultation on authentic period RAF dress, we can advise in this area with 100% accuracy, and also supply the correct kit and equipment. The public is very aware of authenticity and the correct authentic kit will always add credibility to the photoshoot…


Re-enactors – Theย WW2 RAF re-enactors that we use, guarantee that there uniforms and equipment are accurate down to the smallest detail. As consultants to the film industry, we guarantee 100% authenticity and in mostย cases, we use ‘original issued kit’ date stamped. “Even though Dunkirk was a superb movie, there were mistakes with some of the clothing and equipment”ย We aim to advise and give the full 100% solution.ย 





Our historic collection – On the left and below is a small sample of some of the original items we have access to. Genuine wartime painted American A2 flying jackets, Original British Irvin flying jackets, B and C Type Flying Helmets, D, E, G, H Type O2 masks, Original Irvin 1940 Parachutes, Uniforms and Flying boots just to name but a few items. “We offer the complete authenticย solution”Call of Duty –








Code Strike 2017

October 2017 saw the Wacky Wabbit being used in an advert to promote the Call of Duty Code Strike. The actor wore a B type flying Helmet and a D type mask, the exact copies of what was worn in the Battle of Britain. A stunning short clip and a great edit.


CHANNEL 4 FEBRUARY 2014 – ‘Restoration Man’

Restoration Manย – 11th February Channel 4 at 8.00p.m. Brown has big ideas about turning a15,000 sq ft historic WW2 RAF bunker into his new home. However with the bunker totally encased in earth, with no natural light, and the back section submerged in water his wife who is about to have their first baby isnโ€™t so sure. With its fascinating history and draw-dropping engineering, George helps Jamie tackle this huge bunker and discovers the important role it played in the Coventry Blitz

At the Bunker before restorationย – Furniture maker Jamie Brown has big ideas about turning a colossal and historic 15,000 square foot RAF bunker from World War II into his new home. However, with the Nottinghamshire bunker totally encased in earth, with no natural light, and the back section submerged in water, Jamie’s wife, who is about to have their first baby, isn’t so sure. With its fascinating history and jaw-dropping engineering, George helps Jamie tackle this huge undertaking and discovers the important role it played in the blitz. Filmed at theย Duxford Imperial War Museum


Empire of the sunย 

The Harvard bears resemblance to the Japanese Mitsubishi Zero and to this end makes the Harvard perfect aircraft of choice for WW2 Japanese movie reenactments. Many T6 Harvard’s were converted for the film ‘Tora Tora’ and G-BJST was actually used in the film ‘Empire of the Sun’

Harvard Empire of the Sun

Harvard (G-BJST) was used during the making of the film โ€˜Empire of the Sun” It is shown here (left) painted up to look like a Mitsubishi Zero. Apparently, she was used as a ground prop surrounded by explosions in one of the bombing scenes. Unfortunately, we don’t have any further information on its staring roll!

Apparently, at this time, G-BJST was part of the Jeff Hawks collection that supplied aircraft to the film industry If you have any further information on its part in the film please let us know.



Wingspan magazine harvard
Wingspan –ย A nice little article from the Wingspan magazine number 107 from January 1994, which details most of G-BUKY’s history from the date of manufacture to its restoration in 1990 and the first post-restoration flight by Peter Monk. For more information on the content of the article please click on the following hyperlink for further details –ย G-BUKY Wingspan article











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