The AT-6 is well known, but less known is the history of this “advanced trainers” (AT) in Germany. The history of Harvard in Germany began on July 1, 1955. The North American AT-6 was built in large numbers and one of the licensees was the Canadian Car & Foundry. the C.C.F. In the beginning of the 1950s, he produced 270 copies of the training aircraft. The exact name was C.C.F. Harvard Mk.IV.

The Harvard Mk.IV corresponded to the North American AT-6 G. What does all this have to do with Germany? Now in the then young Bundeswehr the C.C.F. Harvard Mk.IV its use. In 1956, the aircraft were officially handed over to the Bundeswehr and served in the pilot school “A” in Landsberg. The train was used to the elementary school of budding jet pilots. The German Federal Armed Forces, more precisely the Luftwaffe, purchased 135 aircraft at a symbolic price of $ 1 / piece. This historical background was the main reason for acquiring this beautiful aircraft. The current owner commissioned us with a corresponding AT-6, more precisely a C.C.F. Harvard Mk.IV to procure and ready to fly here. Originals Harvard Mk.IV are quite rare, but we have found in the US. The previous owner was none other than Bob Hannah, handling the transport was Bruce Lockwood from Techahapi / Ca .. Our mission is to assemble and optimize the aircraft. (Information from the  MeierMotors GmbH  web site)

Military registration: RCAF 20373

Civillian registration: D-FXXX

Owner: Bernd Dietrich

Location: Eggenfelden EDME