NOVEMBER 2020 – A small update as to what’s happening right now with all the things happening in the world! Covid again seems to have beaten aviation as we see another lockdown in the UK. It has not just affected us it has affected the whole of the aviation industry as a whole and we all hope that it returns back to normal as soon as possible. Fingers and toes crossed for that time!

This year reflecting back has seen numerous challenges however we have still managed to do a considerable amount of flying such as Experience flights and pilot training for Harvard conversions and more advanced lessons. Andy managed to fly approximately 15 hours practice display flying before his trip to Turkey to display there Harvard “Happy Hour” during mid-September 2020 after a 5 month lay off. The results of the airshow are on this – ย video channel link

The Wabbit is looking as marvellous as ever sat in the Hangar 2 at Duxford with the YALE and other aircraft from ARC. A few changes recently in the Company as we say a sad goodbye to Mike and Glen from ownership however they will continue to support T6 Harvard Ltd as instructors and consultants. ย During this quiet time, we are having some minor work done.ย Another thing that will greatly enhance our airshows is a new smoke system that I am currently looking in too.

Thanks to Donny Tim and Mike Day the aircraft remains extremely clean thanks to the hard work of the ground crew.ย Experience flights will now resume in the new year 2021 however post covid restrictions we hope to have the wabbit back in the air again in December 2020 to shake a few cobwebs out of the radial again and I hope that it’s me in the driver’s seat!

Stay safe everyone and I shall update you all real soon!