20 minutes – £399.00

For a cost effective solution to scratch the itch of flying in a warbird, book now and fly in our Advanced “Harvard Trainer – The one and only “Wacky Wabbit”  If you have any questions about our experience flights please take a look at the “Frequently asked questions” link You may also view out Terms and Conditions at the following link.  If you cant find the answer please contact us at Email  Info@T6Harvard.com


Dates available for experience flights 2018

21/05/18      Biggin Hill – Completed
31/06/18      North Weald (70 Air Britain Event) – Completed
01/0718        North Weald (70 Air Britain Event) – Completed
04/08/18     Eshott Airfield – Completed
05/08/18     Eshott Airfield – Completed
15/09/18     Peterborough Conington Airfield


Warbirds – Flying a warbird in the UK has been simplified by the CAA so that the general public can now fly in warbirds such as Spitfires, P-51’s and even as of recently the Buchón (Spanish built Messerschmitt) 109… We hope that in a few years Hawker Restorations will have completed there 2 seat Hurricane project! However this all comes at a cost… Typically a Spitfire ride would cost you between £2500 and £3000 per 20 minute block time which comes under the CAA SSAC for this to be allowed.

About the Wacky Wabbit

Approximately 80% of all allied fighter pilots flew this advanced trainer (AT) before progressing on to the fighters during WW2. Post war it was used intensively as a ground attack, light bomber, target marker and reconnaissance aircraft. (Harvards in combat) The Harvard has incredible fighter like qualities. (Scroll down to see video evidence!)

If you want the ‘Warbird’ WW2 experience then you should fly in the “Wacky Wabbit” Our Harvard has been painted with incredible accuracy to represent AJ841 which flew with the Desert Airforce from 1941 – 1946. AJ841 would have been responsible for training pilots in the North African campaign. As log book evidence shows she was used for ferrying many squadron pilots around from such places as Palestine to Aleppo in Syria during 1942.  Evidence also exists of her flying in Lybia and Egypt!

Don’t forget, if you would like to book us for a Harvard flying display contact us for more information, we can also book other warbirds such as the Hurricane and the Spitfire.


Why not book us to visit your airfield in 2018 to conduct introductory flights? Introductory flights are a new EASA provision designed to allow people to be taken on air experience tours in light aircraft. (CAA – Intro flights) Contact us for more information – Email Info@T6Harvard.com Or call us on  +44 1223 655345

Types of flights

Types of flight offered – Where stated “Introductory flights” please click on the link for the CAA definition. Where stated “Safety Standards Acknowledgement and Consent” (SSAC) please click on the link for the CAA definition. Where stated ‘Experience Flights”please click on the link for the CAA definition.

Harvard Smiles

Various Harvard ‘friends’ that experienced the magic of flying aerobatics in the T6 Harvard during 2017 and 2018


Passenger – Veteran SAAF pilot takes a flight in the Harvard with Andy – Nick has not flown a Harvard in over 40 years however he has over 4000 hours of instructing from the rear seat! No pressure Andy! (Andy Pilot IG)

Passenger – Another friend gets the “Harvard smile” treatment over Eshott Airfield in Northumberland (Andy Pilot IG)

And Just for fun! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to meeting you all in 2018 – The T6 Harvard (Wacky Wabbit) Team 🙂

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