Uruguay, one T-6Dย 
A long time ago, the Uruguay Air Force used to have several of these aeroplanes for militaryย pilots’ training.

In 1935 the Military Aeronautics (Aeronรกutica Militar) was established and transformed the military aviation of Uruguay into a more professional weapon of the National Army.ย New units and airbases were created, and also new and more modern aircraft types were introduced into service.

Among the aircraft used during this period were de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth and IMAM Ro.37.

At the beginning of 1935, the Uruguayan Army suppressed an armed movement against Gabriel Terragovernment by members of different political factions. Military operations such as the Battle of Paso de Morlan and the bombardment of revolutionary positions with Tiger Moth aircraft meant the first combat use of military aviation in Uruguay.ย Then, in 1942 Curtiss SNC-1 Falcon and North American T-6 Texan training aircraft began their service in Uruguay, as did the Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan and Douglas C-47 Skytrain in 1947.

Between 1949 and 1950, a total number of 39 aircraft were acquired, including 25 North American F-51D-20-NA Mustang, 11 North American B-25J-25-NC Mitchell and 3 Douglas C-47A Skytrain. With the help of the United States via the Military Assistance Program (MAP), these aircraft allowed Uruguay’s military aviation to grow in size and training.