G-bice-harvard south african

G-BICE Harvard MK IIA made in 1942.ย Was EX302 but direct to SAAF as 7084, later to FAP as 1545.ย South African 7084







Left – (Martin Pengelly) – Superb photo of Harvard IIA SAAF7084. Later became 1545 with the Portuguese and now G-BICE.















G-BICE TODAY – 2015/2016 colours

1st July 2015 – At Great Oakley Airfield – This is one of the best light aircraft airfields in the country. The airfield is situated on the east coast of England near Harwich in Essex and is set in a picturesque estate in the beautiful Essex countryside, Great Oakley airfield is a fantastic airfield to visit. There are two active runways available, 27, 09, 22 and 04 so Great Oakley is accessible in most weather conditions.

G-BICE Sat at Great Oakley 2015

G-BICE At Great Oakley Airfield