December 2020 what to say other than S*@#!!! A tragic year for many people but let’s focus on aviation for this post! I want to look back on this post in a few years and say “It was all over very quickly and people recovered and got there lives back” So many of my friends in the aviation industry either lost their job or were put on furlough on a substantially reduced salary trying to make ends meet… Gutted for you all affected by this Covid pandemic.

As for T6 Harvard Ltd we have seen 6 Airshows cancel and a reduction in Experience flights due to many factors including airfield closures, CAA restrictions plus a drop in bookings. Not to be disheartened by all this the Wabbit none the less has been busy doing conversion training with our regular and established customers, which has been fun and kept her flying. Personally, I have flown 33 hours in a T6 Harvard this year with 3 hours and 3 Displays in Turkey on the “Happy Hour” So thankfully I can say I have remained current and managed to renew my Medical, SEP and have an upgrade to my DA so I can’t really complain too much!

As I write this on December 29th Duxford a Cambridge have gone from a mild Tier 2 to an Hurendously restrictive Tier 4 so that means last night I red penned my flying logbook to say “Last entry for 2020” and drew a long line on the page under 2020 with a look forward to a brighter 2021.

The Wabbit has had much work done since the ownership transferred from 4 owners to just the two. The new work included a new CHT and associated Thermo couplings, Rear altimeter re-calibrated serviced and fitted, A Hobbs meter fitted and new Hooker Harness seat belts front and rear. Not only that we are also pleased to say that we have secured a Zero time R1340 radial that will be fitted on an annual in the future. So all in all the Wabbit is Hangared at Duxford well serviced and maintained and getting lots of TLC.

The Ground crew Donny Edwards, Tim Hills and Mike Day have been fantastic and they have kept the Wabbit in beautiful shape cleaning and polishing her regularly looking after that stunning paintwork…. Well done lads you all deserve a big pat on the back and a beer on me!

Anyway thanks for all your support and if you have even got to this part of the blog well done! I shall continue to do a monthly report on the Wabbit with any new updates…. See you all soon guys and gals if not at Duxford on social media!




Below is what I salvaged from Covid during 2020 🙂