Not a great picture however this is what $2000 plus shipping plus import plus plus plus looks like!! A complete set of engine baffles for the Wabbits R1340 radial which will accompany the new exhaust parts which will all be part of the new engine … As you can imagine a very costly project however we want the Wabbit to be in top shape for whatโ€™s left of this years flying.. over the last 5 years we have had a complete paintwork restoration which addressed any corrosion done byย Richard and Sam of Eshott Airfield.

At the same time, we had all of the fabric recovered on the tail feathers and then a process of replacing so many parts including instruments, radio transponder and mechanical parts including the propeller and CSU bearings etc … The final part now is the replacement of the engine for a zero timed Covington with a new exhaust system etc…

So when I say arguably the best Harvard in Europe itโ€™s because she is like new..!

The main reason sheโ€™s in great shape is that she flies often so letโ€™s keep it that way! So please like and share and let people know sheโ€™s available for Airshows experience flights conversion training and film work Letโ€™s keep the Wabbit flying!