I often get emails like the one below, and I would like to share this now with you… Always nice to share some history on an aircraft that we all know and love  – The HARVARD!

Good morning. I’ve just been reading the piece about oxygen equipment on your excellent site. I now know my father-in-law (Blagdon Cecil Britton) flew with an H-type mask towards the end of the war!

I am sure you are not short of WW2 photos of Harvards, but in case you are interested, I attach a picture taken by Blag of 7125 (taken whilst he was flying 7124): both Harvard ll. This would have been at Standerton during 1943. He went on to Fly Spitfires with 145 Sqn in Italy and Mustangs. I’ve also attached a couple of pieces from his logbook (although I suspect you may also have this type of thing already.)

All the very best, and thank you for an informative read!