In total, over 17,000 aircraft of the type T-6 (trainer) in different variants were built.ย Here are the dates and facts of the North American AT-6 D “Miss Las Vegas”: Aย 2-seater plane, the school of various air forces was used mainly for advanced training.ย (AT stands for Advanced Trainer).

A 600-hp, 9-cylinder radial engine from Pratt & Whitney, the 2.4-ton North American AT 6 with its 22 liters of displacement for aerobatic maneuvers at a speed of over 380 km/h.

Built in 1941, the aircraft is always an attraction on flight days and inspires the audience does not only due to the unique and rich sound of the engine, but leaves a lasting impression by the elegant flight characteristics.ย The “Miss Las Vegas” is back in the air again after years of extensive restoration.