2024 Flights


Seeing the Spitfire on the wing tip of the Harvard is a sight to behold! From personal experience, I was overcome with emotion when I first witnessed the Spitfire flying in close formation with me over the skies of Cambridgeshire. First, the noise, the smell of petrol, oil and leather sat inside the Harvard as she rumbled along, and then the visual experience of seeing the “Spitfire” was awe-inspiring!

T6 Harvard Ltd is now offering this unique opportunity for the few just a couple of times per year during June, July and August to celebrate the Spitfire’s Hardest days during the battle of Britain to give this flight that extra unique emotion and sensation. “I have goosebumps just thinking about this”!

We operate the Harvard from Fowlmere airfield, the iconic Battle of Britain fighter base, where we shall scramble in the T6 Harvard “The Wacky Wabbit” into the skies of Cambridgeshire and climb to Angels 2000 feet and above.

During the first part of the sortie, you will take control of this magnificent aeroplane from the rear seat and patrol the skies around the 12 group sectors waiting for your wingman in the Spitfire to join you; this flight time can be logged in your flying log book! While you wait in anticipation for your Spitfire wingman to join you, the instructor will demonstrate some “Classic” fighter dog fight manoeuvres s you may experience the g forces pilots face in real-life combat.

During the second half of the sortie, your wingman will appear in the Spitfire alongside. With Harvard now under the control of your instructor, this will allow you to take in the visuals of this breathtaking flight of a lifetime!

You will have a free video capturing the Spitfire on the wing, a memory you can take away on a USB immediately after landing.

What you get from this flight:

  • Meet the team at former RAF Fowlmere, an iconic Battle of Britain fighter base
  • Scramble from Fowlmere to patrol 12 group sectors in the Cambridge area
  • Take control of the Harvard under instruction – You will fly the Harvard!
  • Demonstration of fighter tactics
  • Demonstration of a mock dogfight
  • As your wingman, the Spitfire shall fly in formation with you for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Take photographs as the Spitfire moves from Left Echelon to the right Echelon.
  • You will have the whole flight recorded in HD on a memory stick
  • Receive a certificate of completion signed by your instructor with instructional hours for your logbook