Previously EX185. From RAF/FAA lend-lease allocations.
Shipped to New Zealand on “Waiotapu” in September 1942 and assembled at Hobsonville.
BOC 22 September 1942.
With No.25 Squadron, seagrave from late 1943.
With No.4 (TAF) Squadron 19 June 1953-25 August 1955.

Thirty third Mk IIA to be converted to Mk 2A* between August 1954 and May 1957.
Converted to INST188 with No.4 TTS Woodbourne 22 August 1963.
Written off books Ohakea 19 September 1963.
Sold to Engine Support Inc., Florida, USA in 1978.
To The Aircraft Preservation Group, Auckland.
Sold and shipped to Australia in February 1980.
To B. Simpson, Glenhaven, NSW as VH-HAR on 22 April 1987.
To R.P. Walker, Heathcote, NSW 11 September 2002.
Airworthy and flying in Australia.