Our T-6 was manufactured by North American in Dallas, Texas as T-6D Serial Number 197-042 and was delivered to the USAAF in July 1944. Initially assigned to the 3010th AAF Base Unit, Instrument Pilot School, Air Training Command at Bryan AAF Base she later passed through several other pilot training schools in Texas before being put into storage at Kelly AFB in April 1946.

In July 1952 she was shipped back to NAA in Fresno, California for remanufacture as a T-6G and was subsequently delivered to the USAF in March 1953 assigned to the 117th Fighter Squadron, Pennsylvania Air National Guard. She transferred to the civilian register as N555Q in 1958 and spent the next several decades along the East Coast before gradually making her way West, finally returning to California in 2006.

N555Q is based at Palo Alto Airportย (KPAO) and rents $ including fuel; instructor charges are additional – pleaseย contact meย for more information. The Flight Handbook for the T-6G is availableย hereย and checklists for N555Q are availableย here. We do not offer solo rental.

AT-6D, s/n 42-85377

16 Jul 1944 – Delivered to the USAAF, after manufacturing in Dallas, TX by North American Aviation as a T-6D

Jul 1944 – Assigned to 3010th AAF Base Unit, Instrument Pilot School, Air Training Command, Bryan AAF TX

Dec 1944 – To 2539th AAF Base Unit, Advanced Single Engine Pilot School, ATC, Foster AAF TX

Jan 1945 – To 2532nd AAF Base Unit, Central Instructors School, ATC, Randolph AAF TX

Dec 1945 – to 4168th AAF Base Unit, Air Materiel Command, South Plans AAF TX


Apr 1946 – To San Antonio Air Materiel Area, Kelly AFB TX, (storage to T6-D)

July 1952 – To North American Aviation, Fresno CA

Mar 1953 – Dropped from inventory by remanufacture as T-6G


T-6G, s/n 52-8238

26 Mar 1953 – Delivered to the USAF after re-manufacturing in Fresno, CA

Mar 1953 – To 117th Fighter Squadron, Air National Guard, Philadelphia MAP PA

Oct 1953 – To 117th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, ANG, Philadelphia MAP

Aug 1955 – To 117th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, ANG, Philadelphia MAP

Jul 1956 – To 103rd Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, ANG, Philadelphia MAP

Jan 1957 – To Middletown Air Materiel Area, Olmstead AFB PA

Sep 1957 – Dropped from inventory by commercial sale