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What an honour to have the Wacky Wabbit added to the A2A flight simulator! So many people to thank for making this possible! Now pilots and none pilots can enjoy the realistic characteristics of this simulation – As a pilot with over 400 hours on the Wabbit, I am amazed at the details of the skin and the effects on the simulation… Brilliant job!!!

#WackyWabbit #T6Texan #A2ASimulations One of the real pleasures of flying warbirds in the sim is when you have an opportunity to fly a rendition of a real warbird. In this video, we fly a much loved UK based Harvard, Wacky Wabbit, a tribute to the Desert Air Force, which you can actually fly in as a passenger or as a qualified pilot converting to type. This is a beautifully done repaint by Matt Wynn, Martin Pengelly & Shane Clayton. On this flight, we take Wacky Wabbit from Wycombe Air Park across to Duxford, where this beautiful aeroplane, which is a tribute to the Desert Air Force, has thrilled many people. Who can forget that wonderful Harvard sound as she rips through the air with those supersonic propeller tips!

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Martin Pengelly – I’m famous again! DreamsofWings channel on Youtube has released today their superb promotional video for Harvard ‘Wacky Wabbit’ using the A2A T-6 as a basis. Being involved with the actual aeroplane and being a consultant to the simulator project, it really brings it home, what was involved, working with some truly wonderful people.

A superb 55mins of your time. Very well put together, showing the Wabbit and the T-6. Even I get a mention or two…..

I have personally flown over 400 hours in the Wacky Wabbit and I can honestly say that this is an amazing likeness to the original! `Of course, the sim is built around a T6-G and not an MK4, however, let’s not be too pernickety! The graphics are wonderful and I knew the route from take-off and as soon as the sim approached Leighton Buzzard I recognised the lake and knew Luton was on my right… Flying East to Bassingbourn and Wimpole hall was familiar territory for me and then on to Duxford. I totally recommend this simulator as not just a bit of fun but an enhancement to flight safety! Andrew Goodall