NZ 1037/ZK-ENA -construction number 41-33565 – US serial 88-12036

Between 1941 and 1944 the RNZAF took delivery of 202 Harvards and in service the aircraft accumulated approximately 1.5 million hours of flying time. Of the 202 RNZAF Harvards, 69 were lost in accidents, 70 sold for scrap, 17 converted to instructional airframes and 19 reduced to spares.ย When the aircraft was retired from the RNZAF in June 1977, 18 had remained in operational use, 2 had passed to theย RNZAFย Museumย and a further 7 had remained in storage

NZ 1037, was originally allocated to the RAF as serial EX592 from RAF/FAA lend-lease allocations.ย It was redirected to the RNZAF and shipped toย New Zealandย on “Vessel 27” in April 1943 and assembled at Hobsonville then being bought on charge RNZAF 20 April 1943.

Allocated to theย Centralย Flyingย School, Tauranga early 1944. With No.2 (Territorial Air Force) Squadron 19 December 1950 -16 September 1955. Allocated then to station strength at Ohakea. Used in June 1952 for an Air Weapons Course held at Ohakea. Thirty-seventh and final Mk IIA to be converted to Mk 2A* between August 1954 and May 1957.

In use with New Zealand Army as FAC aircraft during the 1970s and then put into storage at Wigram in 1973. Reactivated with 14 Squadron, Ohakea January 1974. During its 34 year career with the RNZAF, NZ1037 was involved in three ground accidents. On the 19thย June 1945, it collided with NZ1024 whilst taxying. On the 29thย March 1952, its wingtip connected with a hangar at Ohakea. Finally, on the 10thย March 1956, it managed to collide with a marker light at Whenuapai.

Declared surplus to requirements and sold by Government Stores Board tender number 022108 to J. Mathewson, Ranfurly, Otago on 05 July 1978. Registered as ZK-ENA on 20 June 1978 and then to W. Mathewson, Ranfurly on 17 April 1997. Purchased by Ray Hanna and Brendan Throw in July 2005

Purchased by ITL Aviation in November 2006 and now based at Feilding