Previously EZ331. From RAF/FAA lend-lease allocations.
Shipped to New Zealand on “Sunnyside Park” in June 1944 and assembled at Hobsonville.
BOC 05 July 1944.
Fifteenth Mk III to be converted to Mk 3* between May and November 1957.
With No.1 (TAF) Squadron 12 September 1955-22 August 1957.
To storage at Wigram July 1962.
Took part in Harvard 30th Anniversary Flypast over Christchurch on 22 March 1971.
Took part in final Harvard Flypast over Christchurch on 24 June 1977.

Converted to INST213 with No.4 TTS Woodbourne June 1977.
To Wigram October 1981 for display at RNZAF Museum Wigram.

The aircraft arrived at the Museum in complete condition from Woodbourne and was ground run to inhibit the engine.
Dispayed initially as NZ1087 it was later repainted as NZ948.
Prior to being placed in the new Museum building the engine and propellor were removed and replaced with static examples.