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1947 Auster AOP 6 – VF516 โ€“ Converted to the Beagle A61 Terrier 2 G-ASMZ

Based at Fowlmere UK ย 

For sale: This Auster was one of the original military Auster AOP 6 aircraft civilianised by Beagle Aircraft Ltd and designated the Terrier 2 on the 16th of December 1963 under construction number B.629 at Rearsby Aerodrome in Leicester. This aircraft has been brought back to life with much love and attention maintained by the Aircraft Restoration Company (ARC) at Duxford and comes with a very low time (sub 200 hours) Gipsy engine. This aircraft has a Type Responsibility agreement (TRA), which may be used for introductory flights if required.

History: As an AOP 6, this aircraft flew operationally in Korea and is well-documented in many books, especially the famous shot of the American Special Forces soldier jumping from this aircraft on operations in Korea. Due to its incredible history and many of the original military AOP 6 parts remaining, we had the aircraft painted in her original military colours she would have worn in combat during the 1950s – Now for sale as a very nicely โ€˜well-lovedโ€™ and restored aircraft capable of doing introductory flights on its Type Responsibility agreement (TRA) s required.

Restoration: Rebuilt by BBMF Engineers in the 1990s, she went through various owners until purchased by myself in January 2022. She needed to be brought back to life, so she was sent to the Aircraft Restoration Company (ARC) at Duxford and went through a thorough significant strip down and into heavy maintenance. Much love and attention was given to the airframe, instruments, and engine.! Over ยฃ25,000 worth of receipts to date, as many parts were replaced, and the aircraft was brought back up to the highest airworthiness standard.

New parts: Replacement CHT gauge, Oil temperature and pressure combination gauge with new braided hoses. Undercarriage bungees, brake linings, horizontal stabiliser bushings, Bruntonโ€™s streamline tail-bracing wires, trim cables, tailwheel pivot block, wing attachment hardware, all rubber fuel hoses, fuel tanks refurbishment, battery housing and battery. The Top panel was re-English wheeled out of the correct aluminium along with a NOS aluminium nose bowl and newly expertly made aluminium side panels, all expertly patch drilled, painted, and fitted by ARC. While the aircraft was hangered at Eshott, the original HOFFMANN HO21 208B 108L propeller was damaged, and a brand-new Hercules 7859280-ST 78โ€ x 59โ€ propeller was procured and fitted to the LAA modification 16163. Fuel tanks were removed, cleaned, welded, and pressure tested. The oil tank was removed and welded, and the Gipsy Major 10 engine was compression tested and set up correctly to specification. Re-rigged the aileron and elevator system, repositioned headset sockets on both sides and re-wired, and the fuel gauges were stripped, cleaned and reassembled. The carburettor was fully reconditioned by VinTech to as new condition at a further cost of ยฃ3000.

Type responsibility agreement (TRA): This aircraft has a TRA so that it can be used for introductory flights – LAA aircraft may be used for these flights provided that the aircraft is either โ€˜Type Approvedโ€™ or a type formerly holding a UK Certificate of Airworthiness, in respect of which, there is a โ€˜Type Responsibility Agreementโ€™ (TRA) with the CAA and the operator of the aircraft has an arrangement with the TRA holder for these operations. Our interest in holding this TRA is To support and promote the operation of historic aeroplanes, enable Light Aircraft Association Permit to Fly aircraft to operate under new Remunerated Use rules And facilitate those who wish to continue operation on a Certificate of Airworthiness.

TAH: 3381 at 12-Jul-2023 (increasing as in use)
TTE: 120 hrs Gipsy Major 10-2 since complete overhaul (increasing as in use)

LAA Permit to Fly: 11-Jul-2024

Royal Air Force Exemption
Ceconite 102 covering
Trig TT31 transponder & TY96 radio

Dynon D3 portable EFIS

This is the actual Auster VF516 โ€“ G-ASMZ

Another unusual exercise was carried out by the 1913 Flight on 18 March 1954, which involved US Special Forces parachuting from the Austers over the Han River, north of Seoul.ย Both 1903 and 1913 Flights returned to the UK early in 1955. March 18 1954, a member of US Special Forces practices before his parachute drop from Auster VF516. The pilot is 1913 Flightโ€™s โ€˜Redโ€™ Meaton.