The Battle of Britain experience is by far the most popular experience we offer:

When you fly with us (T6 Harvard Ltd), we give you a whole immersive wartime experience and transport you back in time to the 1940s when this magnificent trainer was used as the advanced trainer for pilots about to convert to the Hurricane, Spitfire and Mustang (Plus many more aircraft including Lancasterโ€™s in some cases) Pilots in the 40s and 50s gained their pilotโ€™s wings on this aircraft, and this is a testament to its nickname โ€œThe Pilot Maker.โ€ย 

We offer the Battle of Britain experience where you will fly in the โ€œslipstream of heroes!โ€ Flying in this Advanced Warbird trainer in the same sky, the battles were fought from our hand-picked wartime airfields and locations. History is at the forefront of our motivation for us the lucky few who fly these magnificent machines, as we share this passion for keeping the memory of those heroes who went before us.ย 

This experience also allows you to take control of the aircraft under instruction from the instructor, a qualified flying instructor. Having hands-on controls, you will see how manoeuvrable this piece of heavy iron is. Beautifully harmonised controls with a fighter like feel.ย 

During the Battle of Britain experience, we take you through some of the basic aerial combat manoeuvres taught before and during the Battle of Britain; we want you to experience the g and demonstrate the difficulties the pilots faced during a dog fight.ย 

Every flight with us is a living history lesson and a trial flying lesson. By us passing on this unique experience to you, you are helping keep this magnificent piece of History in the air for future generations to enjoy.ย 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and also, please take a look at our trust pilot reviews.