T6 Harvard Pilot Stories – Send us your unique stories

In this area, we would like to collect as many T6 Harvard stories to share with our guests as possible from the present day all the way back to the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) days and beyond. The menu on the right will be populated with stories from “How to void a ground loop” to “What’s it like to fly a Harvard with minimal hours?” Real-life stories from RAF trainee pilots…

Quick links below to view our pilot stories
  1. Harvard Landings – Andy Goodall
  2. Huie Lamb – Flies with Brian Jones
  3. RAF Basic Training – Brian Payne
  4. Flying The AT-6 by Budd Davisson
  5. Avoid The Ground Loop by Kent Beckham
  6. The sagaย of a Thoroughbred by Flt Lt J A Whitelaw
  7. Flight Sgt Brian Hunter – Harvards to the Lancaster

This area will eventually be substituted with a forum however in the meantime we will just stick with stories and relevant T6 Harvard articles.

T6 Harvard manuals

If you have any manuals with reference to the Harvard please send them to me so that I can upload them for other enthusiasts to enjoy

  1. 1945 Harvard instructor manualย 
  2. 1952 Harvard Flying manualย 

If you would like us to look at your T6 Harvard story, email it over to us at the T6 Harvard team and we will take a look at it. Regards T6 Harvard team

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