2024 Flights

1 Hour FIGHTER MISSION – ยฃ1499.99

“Flying in the slipstream of heroes.”

The Platinum Warbird Experience – A flight experience in the mighty Harvard is extraordinary; however, we have enhanced this experience by developing it into a mission! So now you can fly this warbird into the 11-group sector made famous during the Battle of Britain. This package is a 1-hour flight; however, if you choose to extend on the day of your flight, let us know!

Every flight is videoed on our HD camera system for a small fee, so you can go away with a USB stick with the footage downloaded when you land. Please check out our videos to see the quality of the in-cockpit footage.

You can fly this aircraft as a trial lesson around various important Battle of Britain airfields. You will feel the G during the flight as the instructor demonstrates primary fighter moves.

Flying a warbird in the skies where the Battles took place takes walking in the footsteps of history to a whole new level,ย “Flying in the slipstream of heroes.”ย If you want to book, please choose your mission and book online. “Book now” or contact us directly at [email protected]

We can tailor the assignment to suit you! Ts and Cs apply.


What to expect from the fighter mission:

  • Mission airfield – From either Peterborough Conington or Fowlmere TBC one week before the mission (Weather and other factors control this)
  • Mission Location – Below are some examples of fighter mission routes; however, we can not guarantee the actual course until the day due to Air Traffic restrictions, weather and other factors. Each mission will be discussed and briefed and shall consist of you taking control of the aircraft at some point, Battle of Britain Experience including high g manoeuvres and aerobatics and WW2 points of interest on route.
  • Mission Briefing –ย 20-minute briefing on the mission at the selected airfield.
  • Mission planning – You will plan the route with the pilot and plot the course you will fly.
  • Mission profile – Your instructor will brief you on the flight as you will fly most of the mission!
  • Mission “Actions on” – During the mission, expect a brief on what it would be like to be bounced by enemy fighters and then “Tally Ho!! Feel the G as the instructor demonstrates evasive fighter manoeuvres.
  • Mission debrief –ย Following the mission, you will have a thorough debrief with your flying instructor (FI), and your pilot’s log will be annotated with a signature by your FI to say you have completed the flight time and mission.
  • Mission timings –ย Allow 20 minutes pre-flight for mission planning and 10 mins post-flight debrief – The whole mission one experience is 1+ hours, mission 2 is 1+ ย hours, and mission 3 is 2+ hours.

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