Bespoke flight experiences

Where would you like to fly? For how long? What would you like to do?

Instead of us choosing the flight profile for you, we are happy to help you decide exactly what you would like from your unique experience. If you would like to fly for 5 mins or 5 hours we can cater for this, just let us know your idea!

Where else can you fly a warbird yourself, where ever you want under instruction? You don’t have to be a pilot; this can be done as a lesson with a qualified flying instructor.

If you are a pilot, even better, you can log the time as you fly with one of our instructors. Maybe after the flight, you want to do a conversion course with us?

We will work with you and help you plan your experience. We are happy to fly from airfield to airfield, fly around the countryside or spend the time looping and rolling, it’s entirely up to you! The Harvard can cruise at 140 miles per hour so we can get places quickly and we can fly non stop for two and a half hours before we need fuel, so no destination is too far for us.

Example 1: For example, recently, we had a customer who wanted to fly over his grandad’s grave in Nottingham. The customer’s grandfather was a former RAF Hurricane pilot and trained on Harvards during the war. We were happy to oblige, and the best part was the customer flew all the way there and back. When the customer arrived, we took him through flight planning and familiarisation on the aircraft. As this flight was an experience flight with a fully qualified Flight Instructor, the customer became the student, and various flight exercises were completed on the way. This flight lasted almost two hours, and on landing, the customer wanted to go on another trip the same day.

Example 2: A customer approached us for a sedate flight around Cambridge as they had lived there for many years and had watched the many warbirds flying around in the vicinity. We made a bespoke experience for her, which consisted of a 45-minute flight with no aeros at a very low cruising speed so she could take photographs and take this opportunity, another satisfied customer who had their dreams come true.

As mentioned above, no trip is too difficult. So let us work with you to find the perfect solution!