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T6 Harvard Aviation Public & Private Displays

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We don’t just do public air shows, we offer tailor made, bespoke private spectaculars to suit your private event or function. If you are looking to add that ‘something special’ to your occasion why not book your own breath taking private air show now.

Right on cue with precision timing you will hear the roar of our radial engine T-6 Harvard's rasping over your stunned and bewildered guests at speed up to 200 miles per hour. We can obtain CAA clearance for our T-6 Harvard's to fly down to as low as 200 feet performing loops and rolls and other remarkable air combat manoeuvres......We work hand in hand with the wedding, party or event organisers to give your guests a stunning day to remember. Our private displays are not just limited to weddings and birthday parties. We will add the ultimate surprise for any event such as memorial displays, commemorative fly pasts at almost any location in the United Kingdom and Europe subject to any airspace restrictions or unsuitable locations. Contact us now to find out availability for your event. We have two Harvard's and can offer a static display or a flying display....single or a pair of aircraft

How much for a bespoke warbird display?

The cost of a single aircraft is £650 plus VAT per flight hour.  A display would normally be 5-7 minutes however we can tailor the timings to your individual requirements. The aircraft are normally based at Duxford and transit flights tend to be flown at 120 knots thus costing £5.40 per mile plus VAT each way

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G-BJST and G-BUKY in formation during and air show in 2013
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G-BUKY showing off her top surface and immaculate paint work 2013
An absolutely stunning airshow with precision timing combined with high speed, breathtaking manouvres directly over our venue. The aircraft roared in at low level and climbed up in to loops and rolls. 30 minutes of amazing skill and dare devil performance...This powerful display of military aircraft definately made our event one to remember for many years to come..
Elizabeth Handley KPMG
Photography - Where possible we have attributed all photographs to the photographer where known. Its not our intention to breach any copyright as most of the pictures have been taken from open source media.

email: Info@T6Harvard.com
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For donations or sponsorship please use the below link at gofundme