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The Wacky Wabbit – AJ841. If you are looking for another item to add to your existing air show then please consider adding the “Wacky Wabbit” The Harvard is a must for any airshow. The Harvard/Texan know as the “Pilot Maker” was responsible for training over 75% of the allied fighter pilots during World War 2. With its fighter like appearance and unique rasping sound as it propeller tips touch the sound barrier, the Harvard is a real crowd pleaser at any airshow. And please don’t forget that we offer T6 Harvard Warbird Experience flights” in this beautiful aircraft!

Warbird – Our aircraft has been painted with incredible accuracy to represent AJ841 which flew with the Desert Airforce from 1941 – 1946. AJ841 would have been responsible for training pilots in the North African campaign. As log book evidence shows she was used for ferrying many squadron pilots around from such places as Palestine to Aleppo in Syria during 1942.  Evidence also exists of her flying in Lybia and Egypt!

The Wacky Wabbit – The Wacky Wabbit decal painted on both sides of the aircraft was the squadron patch of “No 5 British Flying Training School” (BFTS) Based in Clewiston Florida USA in 1945.


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What do airshows do for the UK economy? (BADA)

This is what the British Air Display Association had to say about air shows – 

      • Approximately 5 million attend UK air displays annually making airshows the third highest attended outdoor activity. **
      • Air Displays are demonstrably important to the UK economy. In 2014, event organisers spent £16.5 million with various contractors to stage their events and their attendees contributed at least £79 million to the UK economy and charities. **
      • Events vary from small local events featuring one display act right through to major seaside festivals, major trade events and international military displays with up to eight hours of flying displays.
      • Flying display acts are drawn from military, commercial and private operators, many of which not only display in the UK, but also at events around the globe.
      • Airshows are an important engagement tool for STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Engineering Industry, Youth organisations and Government (through support from UK armed services) engage with airshows to promote STEM activities, education and careers. Airshows and UK based display participants are also significant contributors to International Diplomacy, Tourism and UK trade activities.
      • Many air displays are held for the benefit of local and national charities both in terms of financial contributions and awareness. During the 2017 display season, air displays supported the Royal Air Force Charities (RAF Charitable Trust, RAF Benevolent Fund, Royal Air Forces Association, RAF Museum), Help for Heroes, BBC Children in Need, The Jon Egging Trust, Local Air Ambulance Trusts, Aerobility plus many worthy local causes.
      • UK Air Displays and display flying are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Military Aviation Authority (MAA). Safety is paramount to all involved in the staging of air displays. The Shoreham Tragedy in 2015 prompted a major review of air display regulation which remains on going, However between the Farnborough Airshow accident in 1962 and Shoreham 2015, no spectators were involved in a display flying accident. The British Air Display Association works together with the regulators, organisers and participants to continuously improve safety standards. 


The “Wacky Wabbit” displaying at Duxford 2017

Little Grandson Air Show – 2017

Displaying the Harvard to the crowd – Showing various angles of the aircraft

Below – CAA Links for flying displays

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