If you are reading this you fully appreciate the cost of maintaining a web site like this or indeed the cost of maintaining a Harvard on the public transport register. This web site alone costs in the region of £1000 per year  ($1400.00 US) to administrate and host. If you would like to help please donate via the below links

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GO FUND ME – This is our crowd funding page to assist with the running of the aircraft and web site


We are always looking out for sponsors to help with the running and operational costs of running a warbird such as the T6 Harvard.

  • Would you like your company logo on the side of the aircraft?
  • Sponsors would have access to personal flying displays and use of the aircraft for static displays
  • A social media following of over 20,000 followers
  • Corporate days to include flying lessons in the T6 Harvard


In our recent survey, we asked people how they thought the site should be funded. Users stated that they preferred to be able to send a discretionary donation instead of having to pay a fixed annual subscription.

If you find T6 Harvard useful please consider supporting us with a contribution. It’s not obligatory, and there’s no minimum amount. Your gift will help us pay for the upkeep of the T6 Harvard web site, allowing us to devote more time to keeping articles fresh and providing the many free services planned for the future.

How to donate

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Gofundme – The easy way to pay… Please state your name and address when making donations.