T6 Harvard Aviation

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CONVERSION to the Harvard - advanced military trainer

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The T-6 Harvard conversion prepares pilots of all experience levels to act as PIC of the T-6 Harvard or any of its many variants. The course covers the following disciplines :

  • Normal and emergency procedures
  • Stalls
  • Three point landings
  • Wheel landings
  • Crosswind operations
  • Unusual attitude recoveries
  • Basic aerobatics

Dave Petters enjoying his first solo T6 Harvard take off ....

The length of training

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The length of the course

The length of the course varies depending on pilot experience but generally ranges from 5 - 15 hours. Students beginning the course should have a tail wheel endorsement in their log book. If they do not, a tail wheel conversion will be completed in the Chipmunk prior to beginning training in the T-6 Harvard. Harvard conversions will normally be carried out on either of our T6J Harvard’s, such as G-BUKY or G-BJST.

Warbird progression

Whether you are looking for a full T-6 checkout or recurrent training, you will walk away with a thorough understanding of the aircraft and the confidence, proficiency and respect that the T-6 Harvard demands. Our experienced warbird instructors can also offer transition programs for those wishing to advance further on to high performance WWII fighter aircraft such as the Supermarine Spitfire or Hurricane. We will tailor the training package to suit your individual background and experience level, making the step to the bigger fighter aircraft an enjoyable, safe and educational experience, furnishing you with the correct skills to progress seamlessly.

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Andy completes his T6 Harvard conversion and goes solo!

This is the smile of satisfaction as Andy completes his first of many solo's in the T6 Harvard.... His next plan is to keep on beating the circuit and move on progressively to get his Display Authorisation....

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Taken from a beautifully written article by Howard Cook for the Vintage Wings of Canada - Moving Up by the Wartime Route - Becoming a Spitfire pilot - Please click on the link

"The Harvard is still the best trainer to get used to the speed and handling of the Spitfire.  The speed for the downwind turn and into finals and the landing are the same for the Harvard as for the Mk.V Spitfire - abeam threshold 100mph reducing speed to 80mph over the numbers for a 3-pointer.  In the Harvard, in a crosswind you must get rid of any drift or it can bite hard - excellent preparation for the narrow undercarriage of the Spitfire".

Photography - Where possible we have attributed all photographs to the photographer where known. Its not our intention to breach any copyright as most of the pictures have been taken from open source media.

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